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This page will reveal the various endings that occur in the epilogue of Dragon Age: Origins.

Post-coronation 编辑

Unless The Warden made the Ultimate Sacrifice, s/he returns to the Landsmeet chamber, where Alistair and/or Anora will make a speech and offer a boon, and inquire about future plans. Choice of boon and response to inquiry can further affect the epilogue (and possibly Awakening). The Warden is then informed that a crowd has gathered, hoping to see the Hero of Ferelden.

Before heading to the exit, The Warden may speak with family, friends and/or companions one last time. In addition to any party members who have not departed or perished, and Arl Eamon if Alistair took or shared the throne, there will also be someone from The Warden's origin story in attendance:

Bug icon 漏洞! Shale is missing from this sequence in console versions of the game.
(Confirmed for PS3)

(I can't guarantee but if I remember correctly, Shale appears in the Xbox360 version)

Once you approach the doors at the far end of the chamber and tell the guard you're ready, the epilogue slideshow begins (and is followed by the credits).

Epilogue outcomes 编辑

The Warden 编辑

  • The Warden may die by landing the killing blow to the Archdemon. Otherwise...

Place in Society 编辑

  • A human noble male Warden can become prince-consort if he marries Anora. (There are simpler paths in which 'prince-consort' is what is agreed upon, but in the epilogue the Warden is never referred to as king-consort, even if proclaimed so by Anora twice at the Landsmeet and recorded as such in the journal.)
  • A human noble female Warden can become princess-consort (or queen-consort, if you prefer to ignore the epilogue slideshow) if she marries Alistair.
  • Any female Warden who romances a hardened Alistair and helps him to the throne may (barring the human noble's marriage option) become his mistress, regardless of whether he marries Anora).
  • A dwarven Warden (either social class) may be declared a Paragon by the Assembly; if s/he was a commoner, this makes her/him the head of a new noble House, supplemented with followers from every caste. (This is likely to occur even for a dwarf who made the "ultimate sacrifice".)

The Boon 编辑

  • The Warden may stay at court and be named Chancellor if s/he chose "I only wish to continue serving the Crown."
  • The Warden may become the new Teyrn(a) of Gwaren, inheriting Loghain's estate and wealth (even if Loghain lives), if s/he chose "A title and the riches..."
  • A human noble Warden may demand that Arl Howe's family pay for the massacre at Highever. This results in Howe's lands being gifted to the Grey Wardens.
    • Note: Ferelden's new ruler will gift Amaranthine to the Wardens even if this boon isn't chosen/available. [需要确认]
  • A city elf Warden can become Ferelden's first elven Bann, representing the Elven Alienage of Denerim's alienage. Alternatively, Shianni may be given the title in The Warden's stead.
    • Note: If Alistair is king and the Warden lives, the epilogue slide for the alienage will be the same regardless of whether this boon was chosen; a 'bad flag' is preventing alternative slides from triggering. It will only mention that the Hahren has been raised to the court of Denerim, upsetting the nobility.
  • A mage Warden may ask that Ferelden's Circle be freed to practice magic without Chantry oversight. (It's been revealed that the Chantry refuses to accommodate Ferelden's monarch or hero(ine) in this matter[1])
    • Note: This boon is currently bugged when granted by Alistair. It's only recognized if granted by Anora and then brought up in conversation with Irving. If it's requested from Alistair he will agree to it, but neither Irving nor the epilogue will acknowledge this.
  • A Dalish Warden may ask that the Dalish be officially granted territorial sovereignty.
    • Note: If Nature of the Beast is resolved in favor of the elves, the Dalish are given lands during the epilogue even if this boon isn't chosen. However, the Dalish will only receive the Hinterlands if the Dalish Warden requests this boon.
  • Any dwarf Warden can ask for aid battling darkspawn in the Deep Roads.
  • If "The sacrifices of the Wardens should not be forgotten again", a statue will be erected in honor of the Wardens.
  • The Warden may turn down any boon.
  • The Warden may take more time to consider the offer. (It is not known whether conferring with associates and then returning to the monarch(s) changes anything about this scene.)

Future Plans, Part 1 编辑

  • The Warden may offer to stay in Denerim and help the new ruler (assuming the Warden didn't already ask to stay and serve the crown).
  • The city elf Warden (if made Bann) will remain in Denerim if s/he chooses "I will have my duties in the Alienage."
  • The Warden may decide to help rebuild the Grey Wardens' strength in Ferelden.
  • The dwarf Warden may elect to return to Orzammar.
  • A male Warden may decide to search for Morrigan.
  • A Dalish Warden may return to their clan.
  • The Warden may choose to continue his/her adventures for a time before returning to Ferelden.
  • The Warden may be unsure for now.

Future Plans, Part 2 编辑

  • A human noble Warden may plan on returning home with Fergus to help rebuild Highever.
  • The Warden may travel with Sten to the Qunari homeland.
  • Leliana may offer to stay with and support the Warden instead of departing for her mission, but only if their romance is active and circumstances match one of the following:
    • the Warden did not marry Ferelden's new monarch
    • the Warden did not marry the new monarch -AND- Leliana isn't hardened.
  • If the Warden is NOT Leliana's love, s/he may offer to accompany Leliana on her mission. Leliana will gladly accept this offer of companionship as long as Marjolaine is dead. If Marjolaine is not dead then she will turn the Warden's offer down.


Outcomes are not only dependent on choices made during the course of the game, but also on the approval ratings of companions at game's end. For example, Shale will return to Orzammar to fight the Darkspawn if her attitude is "Warm"; but she will travel to Tevinter with Wynne, seeking a way to regain her mortality if her attitude is "Friendly".

Alistair 编辑

File:Alistair Epilogue.jpg
  • He may become King with or without a queen or consort.
  • If hardened, King Alistair spends a great deal of time at court, willing to learn the art of governing and ultimately ruling fairly (this part happens if he marries Anora as well and his willingness to listen surprises her). He proves quite popular, his humor and grace winning people over as much as his willingness to sneak out of the castle and mingle in the lower-class taverns.
  • Alistair may rule jointly with Anora. If this occurs and The Warden is romancing Alistair, she may become his "consort" and continue the relationship (but only if the king is hardened - no pun intended).
  • Alistair may become King and announce that the female Cousland Warden will be his queen: however, the epilogue text (and in Awakening and Dragon Age II) will only ever refer to her as princess-consort.
  • Alistair may choose to follow The Warden around on their next adventures, or help them rebuild the Grey Wardens. (If you choose Morrigan's offer that is, and do not nominate Alistair to be king during the Landsmeet.)
  • If Anora is made queen, and the Warden chooses not to convince her otherwise, Alistair is executed.
  • Alistair leaves the Grey Wardens and is last seen hiring a ship to leave Denerim if Anora is made Queen, Loghain is allowed to live, and you convince Anora to spare Alistair's life. A short rebellion borrowing his name occurs a year later but no evidence is found linking it to him. A haggard drunk somewhat matching Alistair's description eventually surfaces at a tavern claiming to have once been a Grey Warden and a prince.
  • Alistair may sacrifice himself to kill the Archdemon.
  • If The Warden sacrifices herself to kill the Archdemon, and Alistair is in love with her and is left at the gate in the final battle, he survives but feels great grief over her loss. He eventually leaves the Grey Wardens, and travels to Duncan's birthplace to honor him. Where he goes afterward is unknown.
  • (Bug: All Platforms) If Anora is queen and you opted to take Morrigan up on her dark promise, requesting from the queen that the Grey Wardens not be forgotten causes her to speak of Alistair as if he were dead, yet he is standing near you on the dais.
  • (Bug - Xbox360 confirmed) If Alistair was not made King, Morrigan's dark ritual was accepted, and Loghain was executed at the Landsmeet, you must select Alistair for your final group in Denerim to face the Archdemon if you wish him to appear at the coronation. If he is left behind to defend the gate, he will be inexplicably absent from the coronation. Unknown whether this is a bug or scripted (that he is off sulking somewhere). Presumed bug.
    • confirmed for pcIcon pc1.04, bug still exists.
  • (Bug: Xbox360 confirmed) If Alistair marries Anora but sacrifices himself to kill the Archdemon, the Epilogue will state that Alistair and Anora ruled jointly.

Dog 编辑

  • Dog isn't mentioned in the epilogue. However, the post-coronation animation sequence features a group of all of the companions (except for Shale on the Xbox 360 confirmed) standing directly in front of the throne area which includes Dog.
  • If the Warden made the Ultimate Sacrifice, there is a brief glimpse of a Mabari Hound at the funeral, however, it is unclear if this is Dog or not.
  • If the Warden survives, there is a mabari hound at the back of the coronation chamber, standing next to Sten. It cannot be interacted with, but its kaddis is identical to Dog's last equipped kaddis, and so it is presumed to be Dog.
  • Dog can be killed by the Warden in Ostagar, if the Warden is not the human noble.
  • It can be assumed that Dog stays with the Warden if he/she survives (as assumed in Witch Hunt). If the Warden dies, it is likely that Dog stays with the Warden's closest friend.

Leliana 编辑

  • Leliana, if in love with the Warden, will offer to remain at her love's side, supporting whatever s/he chooses to do. The single exception to this is when both A) the Warden marries Anora or Alistair and B) Leliana is not hardened.
  • Leliana will go back to Orlais to seek out Marjolaine if she is not in love with the Warden and Marjolaine is still alive. She will turn the Warden down if s/he offers to join her.
  • Leliana will lead an investigation into the darkspawn, at the behest of Anora or Alistair, if she is hardened, Marjolaine is dead, and she is not in love with the Warden. If she and the Warden are in a romance and he/she offers to join her, she will gladly accept.
  • Leliana will aid the Chantry in leading an expedition to the Urn of Sacred Ashes if she is neither hardened nor in love with the Warden, and Marjolaine is dead (or was never confronted). If she and the Warden are in a romance and s/he offers to join her, she will gladly accept.
  • If The Warden makes the Ultimate Sacrifice and Leliana is romanced but not hardened, she will compose what will become a famous ballad of your journey. After one performance, Leliana quietly vanishes. It is said that the Maker came to her in the night, and her maid found Leliana smiling, with tears in her eyes, saying that at last she would soon be reunited with her love.
  • If The Warden makes the Ultimate Sacrifice and Leliana is neither romanced nor hardened, she composes what will become a famous ballad of the journey. Leliana quietly vanishes; some say she has returned to Orlais.
  • If The Warden makes the Ultimate Sacrifice and Leliana is both romanced and hardened, she will compose what will become a famous ballad of the journey. After one performance, Leliana quietly vanishes. Some say that she returned to her life of adventure, others say she returned to Orlais to hunt down her enemies, but she never forgets the one she loved.
  • Leliana may die at the hand of The Warden if she is present in the party after destroying the Ashes of Andraste unless 3 specific conditions are met (See Kolgrim's Offer for details). If not present, she may abandon the Warden soon after. This is dependent on dialogue with Genitivi after defiling the urn, and how you respond when approached by Leliana in camp (she can be coerced or tricked into staying).


  • Morrigan is last seen traveling west through the Frostback Mountains, possibly heavy with child (if you completed the dark ritual or had at least one sexual encounter with her).
  • If The Warden has romanced Morrigan and is in possession of her ring he can sense her and her regret through the ring. (Equipping the ring isn't mandatory, but it should be in the player's inventory. To increase the chances of triggering this, it is highly recommended that the Warden talk to Morrigan right before accessing the roof to face the Archdemon).(It is possible to leave Morrigan at the gates and still receive this slide by selecting 'I don't want you to get hurt' though other dialogue options remain untested)
  • Morrigan leaves the party the night before the final battle when the Warden refuses her offer. She is later seen traveling through the Frostback Mountains alone. Several years later, tales out of Orlais said that a strange dark-haired mage had insinuated herself into the empress's court .(Male PC must not engage in romance with Morrigan for this to trigger).
  • If The Warden was in a romance with her and refused to take part in the ritual, Morrigan is last seen traveling west through the Frostback Mountains, possibly with child, and it's been rumored she once was the lover of The Warden himself. (Happens if The Warden and Morrigan shared at least one night together at camp).
  • Contrary to a rumor going around the forums, there is no ending in which Morrigan is killed by Flemeth.
  • If The Warden refused the ritual, a dog is seen near Sten which could be Morrigan, as she shapeshifts into a dog after you refuse her the night before the final battle, but it is probably the Dog.
  • If The Warden had Alistair take part in the ritual with Morrigan, a grey dog (identical to the one Morrigan shape shifts into if she is rejected) is seen next to Sten, with Dog on the other side of him.


  • Oghren can decide to stay topside and continue wandering the world.
  • Oghren can also become the first dwarven general of the king's forces. He also sobers up and eventually marries, his first child is named after the friend that changed his life - The Warden (if the Warden sacrifices himself/herself). It's also mentioned that when he first holds his son/daughter Oghren cried.
  • Oghren can decide to stay on the surface and join the human forces as a general.
  • Oghren can decide to go in search of Felsi and settle down.
  • Oghren can decide to remain on the surface but becomes a drunken and sometimes dangerous nuisance.
  • Oghren becomes a mercenary and joins a company known for their fine ales.

Bug, PC Confirmed. If the Warden makes the Sacrifice and you did not do Oghren's quest, the epilogue where he marries Felsi is shown.

Shale 编辑

  • Shale might go to the Tevinter Imperium with Wynne to seek a way to regain her mortality. (This only happens if her approval level is at "friendly" AND you have completed her personal quests.)
  • Shale might decide to travel the world, not knowing where she will go. However, pigeon populations will drop dramatically along the coastline if this is the case.
  • Shale might join the dwarves in the Deep Roads squishing darkspawn, which she compares unfavorably to pigeons. (This may happen if her approval level is high but you do not complete her quests.)
  • Shale leaves the court, refusing all rewards. Later, rumors abound of an angry dwarven woman in the north who hunts pigeons. (Shale defaults to this if the Warden dies.)
  • Shale might exist as a statue if The Warden was not interested in activating it.
  • Shale abandons the Warden if he or she chooses to preserve the Anvil of the Void and is present without being lied to about it.
  • Shale might fall in battle against the Warden who is trying to preserve the Anvil of the Void.
  • Shale does not appear at the coronation in the 360 and PS3 versions of the game. She is, however, mentioned in the epilogue if the player chooses the ultimate sacrifice, or by Wynne if you meet the requirements for her Traveling to Tevinter ending.

Sten 编辑

  • Sten can return to his homeland.
  • Sten returns to his homeland and is made a general tasked with crushing human resistance in the Qunari lands.
  • If Sten's approval rating is Friendly and the Warden found his sword, Sten returns to his homeland and when the Arishok asks him if he found any worthy warriors outside of Par Vollen, Sten answers that he met only one: The Warden. (This happens if the Warden sacrifices himself/herself).
  • You can discuss traveling with him if the Warden lives but there is no further commentary about Sten if you do not return his sword to him.
  • Sten possibly dies if he is left in the cage in Lothering.
  • Sten can be killed by the Warden after an argument when you first enter the village of Haven.

Wynne 编辑

  • Wynne might follow Shale on her quest to regain her mortality.
  • Wynne can accept a position as a court advisor/mage.
  • Wynne can choose to spend the remainder of her days traveling, seeking to do what good she can with the time she has left.
  • Wynne can die if killed by The Warden at the Circle of Magi, if you agree with Morrigan about the mages, or with Cullen about annulling the Circle.
  • Wynne can be killed if she is in the party, should The Warden choose to destroy the Urn of Sacred Ashes.
  • Wynne can take over as First Enchanter at the Circle of Magi if The Warden failed to save Irving in the battle with Uldred.
  • Wynne can also stay in Denerim. (with the Warden-provided the Warden asks her to and she does not travel with Shale)
  • Wynne can leave the party if you choose to side with Father Kolgrim and Destroy the Urn of Sacred Ashes (Wynne must not be in the party and will leave upon your return to the party camp)

Zevran 编辑

  • Zevran can decide to stay in Ferelden with his beloved (if romanced), for a time.
  • Zevran (as a friend) can remain in Denerim with you should you decide to settle there and ask him to stay. He suggests the Crows can "bring it on" as you will be there to deal with them.
  • Zevran can choose to follow you in your continued adventures for a time. (Bug: If the Warden is in a romance with Zevran and is a male, the epilogue refers to the Warden as a female anyway. "...with her, electing to remain with the woman he loved.")
  • Zevran may continue to travel alone for a time if the Grey Warden decides to stay in Denerim.
  • Zevran may help train Grey Wardens without ever going through the Joining.
  • If the Warden dies killing the archdemon, Zevran returns to Antiva and becomes leader of the Crows, although, he doesn't know if this is victory or defeat.
  • If the Warden dies killing the archdemon, Zevran (if in love with the Warden) spends time in Ferelden helping the throne to distract himself from his grief, then returns to Antiva and becomes leader of the Crows, and though offered many bedmates, never loves again.
  • Zevran may have been killed by The Warden after surviving his failed ambush on the Warden.
  • Zevran can be killed by simply asking him to leave at camp, and when he refuses the Warden can kill him.
  • Zevran may have been killed if he betrays the Warden after encountering Taliesin
  • Zevran may depart the party on his own after encountering Taliesin.
  • Zevran (If in love with the warden) is told the relationship has to end, he will leave for good. No epilogue mention.

Other Characters and Events 编辑

Denerim Alienage 编辑

  • Alistair might grant the City Elves a place in his court, upsetting the nobility.
  • A City Elf Warden might be made Bann of the Alienage in Denerim, if asked for better treatment of his/her people. Alternatively, the Warden might instead nominate Shianni in his/her place.
  • If a City Elf Warden makes the ultimate sacrifice Cyrion will be made the Bann of the Alienage by Alistair/Anora.
  • Anora might ease the restrictions placed upon the City Elves for a time, but a food riot not long after forces her to come down hard on the people of the Alienage. This causes more distrust to brew between the people in the Alienage and their human counterparts.
  • Shianni might become the next village Elder. While she will often get into trouble with the authorities for her outspoken way of doing things, she will prove to be an asset to her community.
  • If the Warden is City Elf, Soris eventually got married - to a human woman, and one he loves deeply. After the initial scandal, Soris left the city and settled in Highever, where he and his new wife had many children.
  • Due to a bad flag, the elven Bann slides don't properly show up. The Epilogue slides that are supposed to show up if there's a Bann for the Alienage:
  • With a new bann in the Landsmeet to represent them, the city-born elves found a better lot than ever. New law gave the elves more trading rights and their own militia within the Alienage.
  • Shianni: Resistance from humans saw a rise in violence in the city, however, which culminated in Shianni's murder by a human bigot several years later. The resulting riot in the Alienage forced a crack-down from the throne, a clear signal that the tension with the elves had not been resolved.
  • Soris: A year later, Soris's marriage to a wealthy human woman caused a scandal in both parts of the city--resulting in a riot within the Alienage that forced a crack-down from the throne. Angered, Soris resigned his title and left Ferelden with his new wife. No new bann was named to replace him.
  • Warden: With <FirstName/> as their new voice, the elves became prosperous in a way they had never known... enough to draw elves from nearby lands, desperate for real hope. The influx built ire among the human population and eventually resulted in a riot in Denerim, showing that as much as things change, they always stay the same.
  • Unnamed: Resistance from humans saw a rise in violence in the city, however, culminating in an angry mob outside the Landsmeet that stoned the new bann to death. The resulting riot in the Alienage forced a crack-down from the throne, a clear signal that tensions with the elves were far from resolved.


  • Arl Eamon will stay on as an advisor to Alistair if Alistair is made king. Eamon eventually abdicates his arling of Redcliffe in favor of Bann Teagan, to the approval of the townspeople. Should the Warden also give Kaitlyn enough compensation for her grandfather's sword, she will eventually meet Bann Teagan and the two will marry.
  • Arl Eamon returns to Redcliffe and restores it to its former glory, should Alistair not become king or marry Anora, or if the Warden becomes Chancellor to Alistair. This also has occurred if a hardened Alistair marries Anora and Loghain sacrifices himself to defeat the archdemon.
  • If the Warden abandons Redcliffe during the "Attack at Nightfall" Quest, Arl Eamon abdicates his arling to Bann Teagan and returns to Redcliffe. However, he is unable to restore the town to its former glory due to rumors that it is haunted.
  • If the Warden saved Bevin, Kaitlyn's brother in Redcliffe and used his sword and gave it back, he will become a famous adventurer and will tell stories about how as a young lad, he met The Warden, who used his father's blade to save Redcliffe and then passed it back.
  • If the Warden paid for Kaitlyn's sword enough to travel to Denerim she uses the small fortune to open a foundry. She becomes wealthy, respected, and meets Bann Teagan at court by chance. She marries him months after that. This can only happen if the Warden pays before the "Attack at Nightfall" Quest, not after.
  • If the Warden gives Bella enough money to leave Redcliffe, she eventually makes her way to Denerim safely where she opens her own brewery.
  • If the Warden put Bella in charge of the tavern during the first Redcliffe fight, she will rename the inn The Grey Warden's Rest and tell stories of your adventures for years to come, though no one will believe these stories in time.
  • If The Warden allows the Desire demon to possess Connor at a later date as part of their deal to spare his life, Connor will vanish when the Arl prepares him to be sent to The Circle. Eamon will search but eventually give up. Connor is never seen again.
  • If the Warden allows the Desire Demon to possess Connor at a later date as part of their deal to spare his life, and does not let his mother, Lady Isolde, sacrifice herself, it could also result in Connor completing his Harrowing and becoming a full circle mage, undertaking a formal study of the Fade.
  • If Connor is saved and the Desire Demon killed or scared away, he may be sent to the Circle of Magi. After completing his Harrowing and becoming a full circle mage, he will undertake a formal study of The Fade in Tevinter. This will happen if you let his mother, Lady Isolde, sacrifice herself to perform Jowan's blood ritual not using the Circle of Magi's help.
  • If Connor is saved and the Desire Demon killed or scared away, Arl Eamon may merely comment that Connor has been acting strangely. This will happen if his mother, Lady Isolde, also survives the Redcliffe quest. This can also happen if both his parents live (at least with the ending where a hardened Alistair marries Anora and Loghain sacrifices himself).
  • If Connor is killed, Eamon and Isolde will conceive another child, this time a daughter, named Rowan. Isolde dies during childbirth. Like Connor, she is revealed to be a mage, and is eventually sent to the Circle for formal training.

Queen Anora编辑

  • If Alistair is not hardened and he weds Anora, she becomes a skilled governor, concerning herself with matters of court and law, while Alistair travels the kingdom making personal appearances to commoners, delighting them to no end.
  • If Alistair is hardened and Anora weds Alistair, they rule together both in matters of court and law, and both make personal appearances together, supervising the reconstruction process, meeting the enthusiastic approval of the people to the point where it was considered that the chaos of the civil war and the Landsmeet were worth it for delivering such beloved monarchs.
  • If Anora weds The Warden, she establishes many trade contracts with surrounding countries, and together with The Warden begins what could be a new golden age for Ferelden if they do not end up fighting for control.
  • If Anora weds The Warden who made the final sacrifice, she becomes a skilled governor, but never remarries due to her exceptional standard for a groom - her father, not Cailan or The Warden.
  • If Anora weds no one and rules alone, she becomes a skilled governor but she never remarries due to the exceptional standard she sets for a potential groom. As above, her standard is her father, not Cailan.
  • If Alistair is made king and she does not willingly abdicate the throne to him, Anora is imprisoned in the tower to avoid a rebellion. This is done at Alistair's request, so that someone remains to inherit the throne should he fall against the Blight - a measure of mercy an appreciative Anora admits she would not have shown had the roles been reversed. If Alistair survives the battle with the Archdemon, Anora is not mentioned in the epilogue slides and her ultimate fate remains unknown.

The Sacred Ashes of Andraste 编辑

  • If The Warden allowed Brother Genitivi to mount an expedition to the Urn, but did not kill the High Dragon, the Urn disappears without a trace and falls into myth once more.
  • If The Warden allowed Brother Genitivi to mount an expedition to the Urn, and killed the High Dragon, the temple becomes a mecca for pilgrims.
  • If The Warden killed Brother Genitivi, and killed the High Dragon, The Chantry dismiss the rumors of the Urn ever being found.
  • If The Warden killed Brother Genitivi, but did not kill the High Dragon, the Chantry announces the discovery of the ashes, but the dragon will eventually get tired of pilgrims and will go on a rampage that will destroy the temple and possibly the ashes, as they are never found, while the dragon looks for a new haven.
  • If The Warden defiled the Sacred Ashes for Kolgrim, Brother Genitivi announces discovery of the Ashes, drawing enormous attention from scholars. Expeditions to the ruins found nothing and several years later his work is declared fiction. He commits suicide. The Dragon appears by winter, rampaging across the countryside, rumors are heard of it being worshiped as Andraste by cultists, and efforts to find the lair or the ashes ultimately fail as the cultists rapidly gain converts.
  • If The Warden defiled the Sacred Ashes for Kolgrim but then kills him and does not kill the High Dragon, rumours about the Urn of Ashes involvement in curing Arl Eamon spread and people begin to mount expeditions to find it. After finding nothing but a High Dragon and many failed attempts to slay the Dragon, the expeditions are decided to be too dangerous to continue. The Dragon eventually goes west to find a new Haven but goes on a rampage beforehand leaving nothing but ruins of the temple. Later expeditions and digs in the ruins found nothing. Some believe that the Urn is still in the ruins while some say it was destroyed, others wonder if it ever existed at all, the Urn falls into myth once more.
  • If Brother Genitivi did not come with the Warden while killing The Cult, then the Urn will disappear, even if you killed the High Dragon and allowed pilgrimage.

Circle of Magi 编辑

File:Circle of Magi Epilogue.jpg
  • If The Warden had saved the mages during the Broken Circle: "Following months of effort, the tower of the Circle of Magi was finally cleansed of the last spirits to slip through the Veil. No further abominations were created, and First Enchanter Irving was pleased to declare the Circle safe. All that could be saved had been."
  • A Magi Warden can ask for independence for the Circle of Ferelden for their royal boon. Although King Alistair or Queen Anora agrees to this request, the Chantry ignores it.[1] Alternatively, a Warden mage who makes the Ultimate Sacrifice will have the new ruler declare that the tower be rebuilt elsewhere at Alistair/Anora's decree and the supervision by the Templars will be abolished. If this occurs, a huge statue of the Warden commemorates their ultimate sacrifice at the entry to this new tower.
  • Cullen might go insane after Uldred's attempt to overthrow the circle, resulting in him slaying several mages before escaping the tower. He becomes a wandering madman, hunting mages wherever he can. He may alternatively replace Greagor as Knight-Commander, watching over the Circle using fear. (This option occurs respectively if The Warden chooses to side with the Templars during the main quest.)

Darkspawn 编辑

  • The darkspawn fall back to the Deep Roads where they plague the dwarven kingdoms once more, but leave the surface world alone for some time.
  • Depending on your choices Shale may or may not return to the Deep Roads to help the dwarves fight against the darkspawn.
  • Even though the horde of darkspawn are dispersed after the Archdemon's defeat, the strongest among them may reorganize into roving war bands, preying upon the land and each other. Some even make it as far as Orlais before they are eventually defeated (albeit with great difficulty). Note: This sets the stage for Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.
  • If The Dwarf Warden asks for human military aid as their boon, the combined human and Dwarven armies will reclaim many Thaigs and push the Darkspawn back to the Dead Trenches. But if Harrowmont is king, his isolationist foreign policy results in only allowing indirect aid from humans; when they arrive at Orzammar the gates are closed and they are only allowed to provide things like medical supplies to the dwarves for their fight against the darkspawn.

Loghain 编辑

  • Loghain might have been killed in the Landsmeet, either at the hands of Alistair or The Warden.
  • Loghain might have sacrificed himself killing the Archdemon.
  • If Loghain is conscripted but survives the final battle, then he becomes a major recruiter for the Grey Wardens in Ferelden before getting reassigned to the Orlesian Grey Wardens in Montsimmard by request of Weisshaupt Fortress itself. If a hardened Alistair marries Anora, this is still the outcome.
  • If Anora is made Queen and Loghain dies, she has a statue of him erected outside the Orlesian Embassy in Denerim. If he dies in disgrace at the Landsmeet, only Anora ever visits it. If he dies slaying the Archdemon, it is a popular landmark and the people remember his heroism rather than his mistakes.

Orzammar 编辑

  • If Harrowmont becomes king and the Anvil is destroyed, he quickly finds himself in a protracted battle against Bhelen's rebellion that leaves him unable to gain the stability he needed. The clan lords object to many of his measures in the Assembly, and only his efforts to increase the dwarves' isolation from the surface met with any success. In time, Harrowmont's health begins to fail. Some claim it was poison, while others say it is a flagging spirit. Either way, after a protracted illness, the king finally passes away. The wrangling in the Assembly for a successor begins almost immediately.
  • If Harrowmont is made the new king and the Anvil is saved, he quickly puts down Bhelen's rebellion and then passes a series of laws to please the clan lords. Unfortunately, that isolates the dwarves even further from the surface. Caste restrictions and the rights of the nobles both grow, and trade with the human lands is all but cut off. After a law excluding the casteless from common areas of the city is passed, a rebellion sees the slums reduced practically to rubble. Although outrage is widespread, the Assembly remains united behind King Harrowmont.
  • If The Warden destroyed the Anvil of the Void, a group of Dwarves will try to recreate it from the remains. The first golem they create is animated by a spirit taken from the Fade. It goes berserk, killing many, and further research is banned. Interest in reopening Caridin's research never wanes, however.
  • Siding with Harrowmont and recovering the Anvil of the Void will also lead to a decline after initial success. Harrowmont will discourage trade with the surface, leading to further isolation. In addition, after Harrowmont refuses Branka more volunteers for the Anvil, she will begin raiding the surface world for the needed ingredients. Eventually the surface world will retaliate, resulting in a short war with Ferelden. Orzammar's gates are besieged, and are sealed off, isolating Orzammar more than ever.
    • Note:This also happens even if the Dwarf Warden requests human military aid from Queen Anora or King Alistair in battling darkspawn in the deep roads.
  • Siding with Bhelen regardless of Anvil status will cause him to quickly prove himself a reformer. Trade with the surface lands increases and caste restrictions are loosened. The casteless are permitted to take arms against the darkspawn in exchange for new freedoms. For the first time in generations, the line in the Deep Roads is pushed back, and a few thaigs are reclaimed. Bhelen's reforms quickly finds him enemies within the warrior and noble castes, however, and after several assassination attempts, the Assembly is dissolved. The king then rules alone--some say as a tyrant, others say as a visionary determined to drag Orzammar into the modern world.
  • Siding with Bhelen and preserving the Anvil leads to it not being long before Branka masters Caridin's technique, learning how to use the Anvil of the Void to create new golems--the first in many centuries. The dwarven people greet this news with cheers, though few know of the cost. At first, King Bhelen works eagerly with Branka to provide subjects--willing or not--so that the golems can push the darkspawn back. This arrangement is not to last, however. Before long, Branka begins to refuse to create golems only for the king, who soon bans use of the Anvil. His men attack Branka's fortress in the Deep Roads, forcing her to shut it tight. Years into the siege, Bhelen is forced to relent. The fortress, guarded by Branka's golems, remains impenetrable.
  • If the Dwarf Warden requests military aid from Ferelden and Bhelen is king, the latter would welcome them with open arms. Within months, the darkspawn are driven back as far as the Dead Trenches, and the first dwarven warrior to return with a relic retaken from the gates of Bownammar was greeted by cheering, jubilant crowds.
  • If The Warden helped Brother Burkel near the Tapster's and convinced the Shaper to grant him the right to preach his sermons to others, Brother Burkel's new chantry in Orzammar draws a surprising number of converts among the dwarves. They quickly attract a great deal of anger from more conservative quarters, and before long the Assembly severely restricts the Andrastians' rights. Brother Burkel resists, and is slain while being arrested during a peaceful demonstration in the Commons. The Assembly claims this was an accident, but news of the resulting riots reach the Chantry on the surface, where the Divine even contemplates a new Exalted March.
  • If The Warden helps Dagna join the Circle of Magi, she will later author a comprehensive theory of how lyrium vapors relate to the supply of magic. It gains a great deal of attention and inspires mages from other parts of Thedas to establish a new circle in Orzammar itself, one that has ready access to dwarven lyrium... and lies outside the chantry's power completely. The willingness of Orzammar to harbor Apostates sparks outrage that begins whispers that the Divine is contemplating a new Exalted march. A Magi Warden who requests that the tower be returned to the mages and helped Dagna will not include the last line. Note that this also only happens if you do not help Brother Burkel.
  • If The Warden sided with the Templars in the Circle of Magi quest, informing Dagna of the destruction of the Circle causes her to go and immediately help rebuild the tower.
  • If the Dwarf Noble Warden makes the ultimate sacrifice, Alistair or Anora (depending on who becomes king/queen) tells Gorim that The Warden's body shall be returned to Orzammar to be returned to the stone next to the late King Endrin Aeducan with rights restored. Alistair/Anora also sends soldiers to help the dwarves battle the Darkspawn.

Werewolves 编辑

  • If The Warden killed the Dalish the werewolves will be respected for a while due to their part in stopping the blight. However as time passes they fail to completely suppress their violent instincts and eventually attack nearby human settlements leading to the humans gathering in force to finally wipe them out for good. But when said armies march all they find are abandoned camps. The Lady of the Forest and her followers disappeared.
  • The Werewolves might have been killed by The Warden.
  • The Werewolves might have been cured by The Warden and returned to Human civilization. They all assume the surname "Wolf" in honor of the Lady of the Forest. (This epilogue slide is bugged and doesn't trigger normally).
  • The Werewolves might also have been cured by The Warden then killed once they've become human again.

Dalish Elves 编辑

  • The Dalish might have been killed by the Werewolves and The Warden.
  • If The Warden recruits the Dalish they will become more respected due to their part in the final battle. Their connection with humans will steadily improve, but tensions will eventually rise again. If Lanaya replaces Zathrian as Keeper, she will be instrumental in maintaining the peace between the humans and the Dalish.
  • The Dalish are officially given their own lands near Ostagar if their army served Ferelden against the Blight.
  • If Dalish, the Warden may request that land be granted to his/her people (the Dalish will only be given the Hinterlands at the Warden's request; a bug shows this epilogue slide for all Wardens as long as Lanaya becomes the new Keeper).
  • If Zathrian remains as the keeper of the clan, he goes on to lead the Dalish for quite some time until he begins entering disputes with humans. When he eventually just vanishes, his clan searches for him to find nothing but an indication that he disappeared of his own choice.

Congratulations! You have completed Dragon Age Origins!

Trivia 编辑

  • After speaking with Sten, if you engage in a conversation with him again he will say. "Where is the cake? I was told there would be cake. The cake is a lie." This is a reference to Portal.

References 编辑

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