龙腾世纪 维基
For generations, your family, the Couslands, has stewarded the lands of Highever, earning the loyalty of your people with justice and temperance. When your country was occupied by the Orlesian Empire, your father and grandfather served the embattled kings of your land. Today, your elder brother takes up House Cousland’s banner in service to the Crown——not against the men of Orlais, but against the bestial darkspawn rising in the south.


Humans - Noble
使用人类贵族开始新游戏 (战士盗贼


引言[ | ]





剧情[ | ]

Teyrn Bryce Cousland and his oldest son Fergus are preparing to heed King Cailan's call to battle darkspawn at Ostagar. Arl Rendon Howe of Amaranthine waits for his forces to join the teyrn's at Highever. The tardiness of Howe's men is being discussed in the main hall as Fergus' younger sibling (the PC) enters; s/he is greeted by Arl Howe and Teyrn Cousland, and introduced to Duncan. The latter, a senior Grey Warden, explains his mission and suggests that the PC would be a promising recruit--already knowing this idea will be dismissed by the teyrn. After being tasked with instructing Fergus to depart immediately with the bulk of the Cousland forces, the PC is intercepted by Ser Gilmore, a knight in Highever's service; Teyrna Eleanor Cousland wishes her youngest child to collect his/her dog, prompting another quest. After finishing both tasks, the PC heads for bed.

In the night, Arl Howe's "late" men seize the castle. The PC wakes up, fights a way out of his/her bedroom and finds the teyrna, who explains that the teyrn is missing. A quick search will reveal Fergus' son and wife murdered, along with the other guests. Teyrna Eleanor, saddened and outraged, suggests retrieving a family heirloom or two. In the main hall Ser Gilmore, directing the few remaining defenders, says the teyrn has headed for the kitchen.

In the pantry they find the teyrn, gravely wounded. Duncan fights his way in and asks to recruit the PC. Bryce relents, wanting his youngest child to tell Fergus what has happened. Duncan offers to bring the teyrna too, but she refuses to leave her husband's side--and the teyrn is too injured to travel.

结果[ | ]

"Last of Your Line" achievement trophy

玩家将同邓肯一起前往奥斯塔伽,受到凯兰国王的迎接。国王提到福格斯正在可卡瑞荒原巡逻,但此刻玩家无法找到他。(福格斯的经历最终将在收尾中揭晓。) 玩家初次到达奥斯塔伽时将获得成就家族末裔

任务[ | ]

Father's Task
Mischief in the Larder
Howe Treachery
The Cousland Treasury
Sweet Iona / Sweet Dairren

角色[ | ]

  • 福格斯·库斯兰
  • 布莱斯·库斯兰公爵
  • 埃莉诺·库斯兰公爵夫人 (临时同伴
  • 奥丽安娜·库斯兰
  • 奥伦·库斯兰
  • 戴尔伦
  • 狗狗 (同伴)
  • 邓肯
  • 爱奥娜
  • 玛洛尔圣母
  • 兰德菈夫人
  • 老奶妈
  • 吉尔摩爵士 (临时同伴)
  • 奥尔德斯
  • 兰登·豪夫伯爵

初始数值[ | ]

Cg ico origin human noble

In addition to those selected by the player at character creation, a Human Noble Warden automatically begins with the following:

技能[ | ]

Combat Training and either Combat Training (Warrior) or Poison-Making (Rogue)

天赋[ | ]

战士 Shield Bash (Origins)
盗贼 Dirty Fighting

装备[ | ]

护甲 Studded Leather armor set   or   Leather armor set

特殊装备[ | ]

Family Sword
Shield of Highever

配图[ | ]

小事记[ | ]

  • Teyrna Cousland recognises Howe's men by their shields, but very few of those encountered bear shields, let alone this one.
  • After killing the Giant Rats in the Pantry, Ser Gilmore mentions that it "sounds like the start to every bad adventure tale my grandfather used to tell me". This a reference to "giant rats" being the first enemy fought in many fantasy RPGs.
  • The majority of the Human Noble Origin was written by BioWare lead writer David Gaider.[2]
Splr da2
“我们现在有了一只狗,阿里斯泰还是最蠢的那个。” — 莫瑞甘
这里包含 龙之纪元:起源 的信息. 点击 展开阅读。
  • 只有选择这个起源玩家才可以同阿历斯泰或安诺拉结婚。

漏洞[ | ]

  • In Mischief in the Larder, the pantry door leading to the kitchen area may not open or unlock after defeating the rats and the opportunity to name Dog. To avoid this, refrain from spamming the Escape key to skip ahead, and let Ser Gilmore initiate the next conversation instead of clicking on him.
  • The northern door of the main hall may become stuck and prevent you from completing the quest. To avoid this, save just after The Cousland Treasury is initiated; make opening that northern door your first priority (after surviving the fights along the way, and before retrieving gear from the treasury) and wait for Ser Gilmore to tell you about the teyrn (rather than attempting to initiate conversation yourself).

参见[ | ]

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