Can you smell that? Like rotting flesh. Now if only you could find me a prostitute or two, a bowl of fish chowder and a corrupt politician, I'd really feel like I was home!

Zevran Arainai is a libidinous elven Antivan rogue. He is a possible companion and romance option for Wardens of either gender in Dragon Age: Origins. If Zevran's approval is 27 or more, he will teach the assassin specialization.


Zevran was the son of a Dalish elf who left her clan and moved to Antiva City after falling in love with an elven wood cutter. After the wood cutter passed away, she worked as a prostitute to pay off his debts, until eventually dying in childbirth. Zevran was raised by the other whores until the age of seven, when he was sold to an elite guild of assassins called the Crows of Antiva. He attempted to resist their training, but eventually accepted and excelled in his position. Trained in both stealth and seduction, Zevran is now one of the Crows' most promising assassins.


Dragon Age: Origins


Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

While Zevran does not appear in Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening, he is referenced once when the Warden (imported only) is recruiting Nathaniel Howe, and again at the end of the game if the Warden was romantically involved with him. If so, the ending reveals that the Warden eventually travels to Antiva in order to find Zevran—whether to engage in a showdown with him, to lead the Crows at his side, or to continue to adventure with him remains up to the player to decide.

Nevertheless, there is also a letter from him to a Warden whom he loves present in the game files which did not appear in the game when the game was first released. This has been fixed in the 1.04 patch. See A Letter From Zevran for details.

Dragon Age II

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.


Zevran meeting with Hawke

Zevran is still being hunted by the Crows, and may be encountered in a cave near a Dalish elf camp after you have triggered the quest A Murder of Crows given by an Antivan named Nuncio outside the entrance of the Blooming Rose at the beginning of Act 3. Hawke will have the option of bringing him back to his employer, letting him go or fighting him. If you let Zevran go and kill the Crows hunting him, he will appear during the final battle with Meredith to help you.

If Zevran was not in a loving relationship with the Warden at the end of Dragon Age: Origins and Isabela, not romanced, is not in the party, he will offer to "get to know" Hawke after the Crows are eliminated. If the champion is in a relationship with Isabela and she is in the party during the quest A Murder of Crows, it is possible to have a threesome between Isabela, the champion, and Zevran, if the champion agrees to kill the Crows that are after him. Even if you're in a relationship with Isabela, she will ask Zevran for sex. Hawke can ask her not to, and Isabela will comply, telling Hawke had better make up for it with sex later. If the champion is in a relationship with Anders, Fenris, or Merrill and they are present when Zevran makes his offer, they will react jealously and Zevran will retract his offer.

Zevran has been known to appear in the final fight against Meredith, lending his efforts around the time Meredith summons the slave statues. If he survives his fate is not disclosed in the epilogue.

However, if Zevran did not survive the events of Dragon Age: Origins, the quest will not become available. There are no achievements related to the quest, so if he died in Origins, all achievements are still obtainable.

He has updated the number of Crows he has killed to include four assassins, a lot of their men, as well as one of the seven Guildmasters.


Zevran enjoys leather items and bars of gold or silver. When given the Dalish Gloves, he will initiate a brief conversation that may lead to an extra approval bonus, for a maximum of Ico Appr Heart approves (Expression error: Unexpected = operator.).

Name Notes Description

Tre ico antivan boots
Antivan Leather Boots
Located: Haven
Plot Item
Becomes: Antivan Leather Boots
A handsome pair of boots, made of luxurious Antivan doeskin.
Tre ico dalish deerhide
Dalish Gloves
Located: West Brecilian Forest
Plot Item
Becomes: Dalish Gloves
These gloves are made of supple leather and lined with soft rabbit fur.
Tre ico gold bar 2
Medium Gold Bar
A fairly heavy gold bar.
Tre ico silver bar 2
Medium Silver Bar
A bar of pure silver.
Tre ico gold bar 1
Small Gold Bar
Located: Circle Tower
A small bar of gold.
Tre ico silver bar 1
Small Silver Bar
Located: Haven Chantry
A bar of pure silver.

He also enjoys a Rare Antivan Brandy (DLC) for Ico Appr Heart approves (Expression error: Unexpected = operator.)

Initial statistics

See Companion Strategies for suggestions on how to develop Zevran..

Zevran starts out as a Rogue one level above the warden.

Relative Attribute Weightings on Auto-Level: Strength 0.5, Dexterity 1.5, Willpower 0.5, Magic 0, Cunning 1.3, Constitution 0.8.

Class: Rogue


Assassin in action

Assassin in action

Assassins are professional killers who usually eliminate their targets for money.


Anyone who murders an important person for political or religious reasons is classified as an assassin. However, in Dragon Age, an assassin is someone who is paid or contracted to kill someone else. In the far off land of Antiva, such a statement would earn you only nervous looks and the rapid departure of whomever you were speaking to. There, assassination is considered an art form. The guild of assassins known as the Crows holds almost as much political power as powerful noblemen and military commanders. Any man, it is said, exists within their reach, and the Crows have proven this adage time and time again. More than one king of Antiva has even hailed from their ranks, and it should come as no surprise that those particular kings have in fact numbered amongst the nation’s most effective rulers.

Outside of Antiva, assassination as a craft is rarely held with the same esteem. The Orlesian bard, for instance, may perform assassinations in the course of their duty but rarely is it the actual purpose they are set to. To a true assassin, murder is their craft and they make no bones about trying to distinguish themselves otherwise. Poison is their tool, just as is a slit throat or a silent strike to a critical area of the body, and all are designed to kill with maximum efficiency.

The common notion is that assassins stem from a warrior tradition, dating back to the “hassarans” that roamed Antiva and the Free Marches during the time of the First Blight. These were men and women who had been trained into lethal killers using nothing but their hands, feared throughout the north. The truth, however, is one few accept: the Crows started as an arm of the Chantry. In the gentle hills north of Treviso, an order of monks used the herbs grown in the gardens of their abbey to oppose the rule of a despotic duke in the only manner they could. The poisons they developed were intended to help the helpless, and while many would wonder that an order of assassins could have had such noble beginnings the truth of the matter is that the Crows do not see themselves as corrupt in the slightest. In their own words: "All that is good has been built on the bodies of the fallen. If we are to be killers, then let us also be architects."

Known assassins

The Assassin

The Assassin tarot card

BioWare canon
The following characters, lore and events in this section are non-canon in Dragon Age and exist only within the Dragon Age tabletop RPG.

Known assassin groups

See also

Plt ico assassin man Manual: Assassin


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Starting Talents/Skills:

Skill-PoisonMaking icon Poison-Making

Assassin: Mark of Death may refer to:

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Talent-DirtyFighting icon Dirty Fighting
Talent-BelowTheBelt icon Below the Belt
Talent-DeadlyStrike icon Deadly Strike
Talent-Lethality icon Lethality(level 9)

Stealth may refer to:

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Skl ico stealth 2 Stealthy Item Use
Skl ico stealth 3 Combat Stealth

Dual Weapon:

Talent dw dwtraining Dual-Weapon Training
Talent dw sweep Dual-Weapon Sweep
Talent dw flurry Flurry
Talent dw momentum Momentum


Initial gear

Ico longsword Longsword
Ico dagger Crow Dagger
Ico longbow Antivan Longbow
Ico armor light Leather Armor
Ico gloves light Leather Gloves
Ico boots light Leather Boots
Ico belt Mixed Metal Rounds

Zevran specific gear

Ico belt Mixed Metal Rounds

Plot skills

As you befriend Zevran and gain his approval, he will gain additional skills:

Skill Name Benefit Requirement
Inspired: Minor Dexterity +1 to Dexterity 25% approval
Inspired: Moderate Dexterity +2 to Dexterity 50% approval
Inspired: Major Dexterity +4 to Dexterity 75% approval
Inspired: Massive Dexterity +6 to Dexterity 90% approval
Note: These bonuses are non-cumulative, i. e. the companion will get a total bonus of +6, not of +13.


Main article: Zevran/Dialogue
Zevran Concept Art

Concept Art of Zevran

  • (Warden "No antivan boots for you") "Yes, no antivan boots for Zevran."
  • "We all do our share of murdering around here, don't we?"
  • (After giving him Antivan Leather Boots) "Can you smell that? Like rotting flesh. Now if only you could find me a prostitute or two, a bowl of fish chowder and a corrupt politician, I'd really feel like I was home!"
  • (Sighs) "And here I thought the Wonders of Thedas would be a whore house. Pity."
  • "Now that we have mentioned tying me up in that context, do we have any extra rope about?"
  • "You tend to get up to interesting things. You meet interesting people and then you kill them. I'm game to tag along, if you are."
  • "'Death happens,' as we like to say. 'And when I get paid for it, death happens more often.'"
  • (Upon interrupting father Eirik's sermon in Haven) "Just once I'd like to walk into one of these places and discover a lively dance, or a drinking festival. Or an orgy. But alas, no."
  • "By your side I would willingly storm the gates of the Dark City itself. Never doubt it!"
  • (After inviting him back to your tent) "Arg! Pirate Zevran reporting for duty! Prepare to be boarded!"
  • (After the foursome with The Warden, Isabela, and Leliana) "I don't mind never speaking of it again, as long as we could do it again."
  • (After coronation) "Does the Ferelden monarchy make much use of assassins? Hmm... I wonder if this is a good time to ask."
  • (While questioning the guard in Haven) "Ah, quiet insular communities. There's always something nasty going on behind closed doors. I hope it involves chains. I hope they ask me to join in."
  • (When searching the tree stump of the mad hermit) "Ha! Let's see... When was the last time I slipped my hand into some dark hole? Hmmm... Long story, that."
  • (When asked about one of his contracts; it's a poem recited by a target in an attempt to get Zevran to let her go) "The symphony I see in thee/ it whispers songs to me/ songs of hot breath upon my neck/ songs of sighs beside my head/ songs of nails dug in my back/ songs of thee come to my bed."
  • (About the Antivan Crows) "The Crows aren't so bad. They keep one well supplied: wine, women, men. Whatever you happen to fancy. Though the whole severance package is garbage, let me tell you. If you were considering joining, I'd really think twice about it."
  • Possible when asked to join Warden in tent:' "No dinner? Flowers? Gifts of lethal poison? (Chuckles) You spoil me."
  • (When talking to Wynne about why he left the Antivan Crows): "Yes, it's terrible and it makes me sad. May I rest my head in your bosom? I wish to cry."


  • Warden: "You must think I'm royally stupid."
  • Zevran: "I think you're royally tough to kill. And utterly gorgeous. Not that I think you'll respond to simple flattery. But there are worse things in life than serving the whims of a deadly sex goddess." (If the Warden is a female.)
  • Zevran: (If Warden is male): "I think you're royally tough to kill. I'm only hoping that you're stupid. That was a joke. Let me rephrase that. I'm hoping that you're the sort of fellow that takes a chance every now and again. Ha, ha... No?"

  • Warden: One can never tell with you elves.
  • Zevran: Oho! Well, if a racist crack like that doesn't cajole me into telling a tale, then nothing will!

  • Shale: "Order me to do something."
  • Warden: "Give Zevran a hug."
  • Zevran: "Now, now. I don't care much for foreign objects invading my personal space. Well... usually."
  • Warden:"Care to answer some questions?"
  • Zevran:"If they're dirty ones, certainly."
  • Warden: "And here I thought I seduced you."
  • Zevran: "Why aren't you the saucy little minx then. I've been used and wasn't even aware of it! A masterpiece."

Random banter between Shale and Zevran

  • Shale: "So you see me winning the affection of another golem, do you? Most golems are slaves to whomever holds their control rod."
  • Zevran: "Funny, it works exactly the same way for us as well."

If you have Zevran in the party during the Landsmeet & choose him as your champion when you opt to duel Loghain:

  • Loghain: "Will you face me yourself, or have you a champion?"
  • Warden: "Zevran will fight for me."
  • Zevran: "Am I the only one who sees the irony in this? Ah well, I do love to work in front of an audience."

When obtaining Maric's blade--Return to Ostagar DLC

  • Zevran: "That is a very sexy sword. I must have it!"

Battle quotes

  • "I hope I don't get blood all over me again."
  • "Time for a little bloodletting, I see!"
  • (After a successful fight, with no significant injuries) "We are ridiculously awesome."
  • "Grey Warden, Darkspawn. Darkspawn, Grey Warden."
  • "I hate the smell these darkspawn leave on my blade."
  • "I love this game!"
  • "Hah, I still remember my first battle!"
  • "You... do know how to fight, right?"
  • "Ah! This really gets the blood pumping!"
  • "I have just browned my trousers, yes?" (during the fight with the High Dragon)
  • "You would think that these creatures would be more interested in, oh I don't know, surviving?"
  • "Shall we compete for points?"

Cheat for infinite approval

When in a romance with Zevran and the conversation allows the choices "I want to discuss something personal" and then "Care to join me in my tent", there is a chance to gain an infinite amount of approval from Zevran. Invite him the first time and choose options that end the conversation without the love-making cutscene playing. (I.e. "I was only joking, really. Just forget it." "Fine. Get in my tent. No more questions." "That's… not what I had in mind.") After the first invitation has failed, you can repeatedly ask him again and give the answers "Enough with the coy bit. Get in the tent," and then "That's… not what I had in mind." Each time you do you'll gain +7 Approval.

Note: If you ever trigger the love-making cutscene, you will lose these conversation options, though subsequent tent visits always net +1 Approval so it's really not necessary to use this cheat.


  • Writer Sheryl Chee has said that when going out for a drink Zevran would "insist on garnishing his with an orange slice and an umbrella." [1]
  • Lead Writer, David Gaider described Zevran as "deceptively spicy salsa."[2]
  • One of David Gaider's influences for Zevran was Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer[3] and Lord Rochester from Plunkett & Macleane.
  • It has been suggested that some of Zevran's demeanor came from a 1970's-80s tv commercial (see Easter Eggs). However many aspects of his character and behaviour emulate Puss-in-Boots from the Dreamworks animated film Shrek 2, such as his accent, his love of leather boots, the fact he is an assassin sent by the King, how he offers his life in service after being allowed to live, and Puss is even called a "sleazy hit man" which is how Zevran is seen by others.
  • The quote during one of the possible endgames 'You meet interesting people and then you kill them' is a nod to the movie Full Metal Jacket in which the lead character mentions that he wanted "to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture... and kill them."
  • Coincidentally, both Nathaniel have the same hairstyles and specialization


  • You can loot Zevran's invisible corpse even after he has joined your party so long as he is not one of the active four.
Note: Some PS3 and Xbox 360 users report that Zevran's invisible corpse CAN be looted even if he is an active party member.
  • If you romance Zevran as a male warden, the epilogue may refer to you as "the woman he loves".
  • There is one pivotal conversation, where if it ends with Zevran initiating a kiss (this kiss can happen publicly -- it's nothing to do with the tent time), his romance will never update to love.
  • For some reason, just like with Leliana, he seems to be alive in Dragon Age II, even when he got killed in an imported Origins save and he also makes no mention about his encounter with the warden.

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