Zazikel, the Dragon of Chaos, was one of the Old Gods, ancient draconic beings said to be imprisoned underground by the Maker for usurping His worshipers.[2] He is sometimes referred to as the Old God of Freedom.[3]

Zazikel was the second Old God to be tainted by the darkspawn, resulting in the ninety year long Second Blight.

History Edit

Zazikel was awakened in 1:5 Divine (1199 TE) by the darkspawn and rose as an Archdemon to lead the Second Blight. He was slain at the Battle of Starkhaven in 1:95 Divine (1289 TE) by the Grey Warden Corin.

Like the other Old Gods, Zazikel endorsed the ancient Tevinter Magisters attempt to reach the Golden City and spoke to the High Priest of Zazikel, who used the alias, "The Madman of Chaos" and told them to join in the endeavour.[4]

Culture Edit

Zazikel represented freedom.[2] The ancient Tevinter associated the constellation "Kios" with him.

The holiday of Satinalia was originally dedicated to him, although in modern Thedas it is referred to the second moon Satina. This holiday is accompanied by wild celebration, the wearing of masks, and naming the town fool as ruler for a day. In Antiva, Satinalia lasts for a week or more, while a week of fasting follows. Satinalia is celebrated at the beginning of Umbralis.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Witch Hunt DLC the follower Finn has a replica of an ancient amulet with the symbol of Zazikel.

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