I am Your Trainer.

Your Trainer is a member of the Mages' Collective and a trainer of the Rift Mage specialization. She can only be encountered if the Inquisitor is a mage.


Following the completion of the war table operation, Specializations for the Inquisitor, three trainers will appear at Skyhold, and if the Inquisitor is a mage, Your Trainer will be one of them. She can be found in the Lower Courtyard in Skyhold when she first arrives.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

She was part of a team of twenty scholars studying the Breach, however she is the only survivor. Her studies allowed her to specialize in a brand-new school of magic that uses the power of rifts in the Veil, called Rift Mage. She can teach The Inquisitor this new school of magic if they are willing to learn.


Quest icon DAI Way of the Rift Mage
Quest icon DAI Train


  • "Rift Mage, Inquisitor. The forces are incredible and with training you will be incredible. I know how not to die and I can teach it. It's... incredible."
  • "You will have the best instruction, because Your Trainer has already taken the risk, the price has been paid.
  • "If I only have one student, I probably have the best one. That's good."


The game files describe "Your Trainer" as, "A member of the Mages Collective free group, she's a scattered professor of astounding ability and focus in her area of expertise. She knows so much she's forgotten common social graces.", and with an appearance of, "Professor stuffed with scrolls and gear for every eventuality.", Source is file:


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