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==See also==
==See also==
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Yevven is a minor character in Dragon Age: Redemption.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Redemption.

Prior to the events described in the series, he was a Dalish Keeper for Josmael's clan. His clan was responsible for guarding an artifact called Mask of Fan'Harel. He was captured by Templars and taken to a Chantry prison. In there, he was being interrogated, likely about the artifact. In prison he also met Saarebas, who managed to learn Yevven's knowledge of the Mask through magic.

According to Cairn, Yevven died, though it was not shown on screen.

Lore deviation

In the universe of Dragon Age, the elves do not have facial hair. However, Yevven has a beard.


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