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In destroying what it does not understand, mankind would destroy itself.

Yavana is an infamous Antivan Witch of the Wilds known as the Beast of the Tellari swamps.[1] She is encountered in Dragon Age: The Silent Grove.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Silent Grove.

Yavana rescued King Maric Theirin from Velabanchel, the Antivan Crows simply handing him over.

She appears before Alistair, king of Ferelden, Varric Tethras and Isabela when they venture into the Tellari swamps to locate her. She soothes a high dragon that was attacking the trio.

Yavana discusses Flemeth, her mother, and Morrigan, her sister, before Alistair demands answers about Maric. Yavana leads them to the Silent Grove, explaining it is a haven for dragons who would otherwise be hunted to extinction by mankind. Isabela mocks this, and Yavana tells her that the blood of the dragons is the blood of the world. She goes on to reveal that Flemeth saved Maric's life during the Fereldan rebellion, and made him promise that he would come to Yavana once his children came of age. She explains that she needed him as she could not "complete her task alone." Upon Varric's questioning, Yavana says that she did not kill Maric, but she cannot speak for others. She refuses to say any more, advising Alistair to abandon his quest, as what he seeks is forever beyond his reach.

After being wounded, and Alistair kidnapped by Prince Claudio Valisti, Varric and Isabela retreat to the Silent Grove to demand Yavana's aid. She refuses, saying it is none of her concern. Varric barters with her however, and she places a mysterious enchantment on the pair, telling them to go and save their friend. When questioned on what she will gain, she simply replies that the two will "play their part."

After Prince Claudio Valisti's death at Isabela's hand, Yavana summons back his spirit from The Fade to interrogate him. After some threats and coercing, the spirit reveals the name of his master - Aurelian Titus. Intrigued, Alistair asks who the master is exactly; Yavana refuses to reveal any more details, other than that she had sought the name for a very long time now.

Alistair stabbing Yavana

Yavana reveals to Alistair the truth about Maric and his bloodline; the builders of the temple had secreted away the very few dragons that remained, and Yavana had been reviving them. However, the Great dragons were beyond her reach until she had access to the blood of King Calenhad the Great, which called to the Queen of the Dragons and awoke her.

Yavana prompts Alistair to awaken the last of the Great dragons, as Maric was meant to, and search for the master and Maric together. She tells him that this will relieve him of the burden of the crown; however Alistair refuses, driving a blade through Yavana's stomach.


  • "The blood of dragons is the blood of the world."
  • "A fool with power desires only more power."
  • (to Alistair) Your heart beats with the old blood, as well. Where do you think it comes from? It sings of a time when dragons ruled the skies. A time before the Veil, before the mysteries were forgotten. Can you hear it?"
  • Alistair: "You and Morrigan and Flemeth...all you do is manipulate and lie."
  • Yavana: "That is our craft, but not our purpose. Mankind destroys without understanding, yet I preserve."


  • In the initial encounter with Yavana, she speaks in an unknown tongue to her High dragon before the dragon returns to the Silent Grove. However further information about this tongue is not known.[2]


  • During the Steel Age, a nobleman from Kirkwall, Xenon the Antiquarian tried to acquire eternal life by making a deal with an Antivan "Witch of the Weyrs". His wish was granted however he didn't ask for eternal youth so his body eventually decayed. It is not known if this Antivan witch is Yavana or another one.
  • In a dialogue between Zevran and Morrigan, Zevran mentions a Witch of the Wilds who traveled far from home to settle in the Tellari Swamps, which is probably referring to Yavana.