I will not lie motionless in a bed with coverlets up to my chin, waiting for death to claim me.

Wynne (pronounced "win") is a Mage of the Circle, and one of the possible Companions you can get in Dragon Age: Origins.


Wynne has served the Circle for most of her life, and is well respected for her strong sense of duty. She believes wholeheartedly in what the Circle stands for, and has been a vocal advocate of magic and for apprentices to be able to learn to control their gifts of magic and use them to serve humankind.

The fear of magic is born of misunderstanding, but Wynne cautions apprentices never to forget that the fear is also a real one. For all the good the magic gift can bring, it will also always attract demons and therefore the risk of possession. Too many times in history have possessed abominations wreaked destruction on the lands, and thus every mage has a debt to repay. "Earn your place," she has said, "and you shall not be reviled."

Her peers thought so highly of her that she was asked to become the new First Enchanter of Ferelden's Tower. She refused, saying that she had no desire to work in the upper ranks of the Circle. When word recently reached the Tower of King Cailan's call to arms against The Blight, Wynne readily volunteered to go to Ostagar.

Wynne appears to have been born into the Spirit Healer role as a natural. In her childhood, she can recall entering the Fade in her dreams and feeling a particular spirit watching over her. Later on in this game, if you get to know her, she speculates that this is a Spirit of Faith- much like the benevolent spirits of courage and compassion, but never before encountered by any mage except herself.

In a party banter with Leliana, Wynne states that she is about two decades older than her. Given that Leliana is fairly young, this doesn't put Wynne at much more than 50 years old.



The Warden first meets Wynne at the army camp at Ostagar, near the mage tents. She can be talked to for limited dialogue. Template:DAOSpoiler


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Regardless of whether or not Wynne was killed during Dragon Age: Origins she will appear outside the Chantry of Our Lady Redeemer in the City of Amaranthine. The Warden learns that the College of Magi is convening in Cumberland, Nevarra to discuss the Libertarian's wish of breaking away from the Chantry completely, with a few minor changes to dialogue if the Warden is a mage. Wynne will then ask the Warden to find her colleague Ines in the Wending Wood, which starts the quest Ines the Botanist. Wynne is also present at the Chantry to present this quest for the Orlesian Warden, with a few minor changes to dialogue, and more changes if the Orlesian is a mage.


Ico Quest Wynne's Regret



Wynne likes books and scrolls, as well as wine. See Gifts for Wynne for all of her gifts.

Name Notes Description

Tre ico book 4
Discovering Dragon's Blood: Potions, Tinctures, and Spicy Sauces
Located: Ruined Temple
This thick tome is covered in dark, dusty leather and has a distinctly foreboding appearance.
Tre ico fancy scroll
Fancy Scroll
Located: Lower Ruins
A scroll of parchment decorated with fancy gold handles.
Tre ico book 5
The Guerrins of Ferelden
"The Guerrins of Ferelden: A Genealogical History." This book traces the line of Arl Eamon back to the time of the Alamarri clans. It doesn't seem to have been read much.
Tre ico book 2
The Rose of Orlais
Located: Circle Tower
"The Rose of Orlais" appears to be a book about a woman named Lady Talia Lyonne, and her tempestuous romance with the arrogant chevalier, Garren.
Tre ico book 1
The Search for the True Prophet
Located: Orzammar
"The search for the true prophet:" This tattered tome explores the possibility that Andraste was a powerful mage, not the Maker's Chosen. It seems this book was saved from a fire at some point.
Ico cheap wine
A flask of red wine.

Initial statistics

See Companion Strategies for ideas on how to develop Wynne.

Wynne is casting a spell

Relative Attribute Weightings on Auto-Level: Strength 0, Dexterity 0, Willpower 1, Magic 1.25, Cunning 0.2, Constitution 1.9.

Class: Mage

Specialization: Spirit Healer

Starting Talents:

Mage: Arcane Bolt

Spirit Healer: Group Heal, Revival

Primal: Rock Armor, Stonefist

Creation: Heal, Rejuvenate, Regeneration, Heroic Offense, Heroic Aura, Glyph of Paralysis


Initial gear

Ico staff Enchanter's Staff
Ico armor robe Senior Enchanter's Robes
Ico beltpouch Silver Aron

Wynne specific gear

Ico amulet Aneirin's Token
Ico beltpouch Silver Aron

Plot skills and spell

As you befriend Wynne and gain her approval, she will gain additional skills:

Skill Name Benefit Requirement
Inspired: Minor Willpower +1 to Willpower 25% approval
Inspired: Moderate Willpower +2 to Willpower 50% approval
Inspired: Major Willpower +4 to Willpower 75% approval
Inspired: Massive Willpower +6 to Willpower 90% approval
Note: These bonuses are non-cumulative, i. e. the companion will get a total bonus of +6, not of +13.

Additionally, Wynne can gain the following new spell as you progress through the story:

Vesselof theSpirit Vessel of the Spirit
Range: Personal
Upkeep: 60
Fatigue: 15%
Cooldown: 300s
Requires: Level 1
Wynne disorients nearby enemies with a release of energy, restoring some health and mana and earning bonuses to spellpower and mana regeneration. However, once she deactivates the ability, she is stunned and suffers penalties to movement, attack and defense.
Note: Aneirin's Token doubles this spell effect bonus, while preventing her getting stunned upon deactivation. This is by far the most powerful spell in terms of increasing a mage's willpower and mana regen. In order to receive the buff, Wynne does not have to equip Aneirin's Token: as long as it's in the player's inventory, the buff is in effect (tested on PC, if the token is sold to a merchant or equipped on a character other than Wynne, the buff is gone).


  • "I'm not the sort of person that leaves things unfinished. I'll see this through, I promise."
  • "You think one would find a less perilous place to explore."
  • "But why should you fear death if you are happy with the life you have led, if you can look back on everything and say, 'Yes, I am content. It is enough.'"
  • (To Alistair) "Now that you're in an intimate relationship I think maybe I should tell you where babies come from."
  • (After the Spirit talents are learned) "Well, we can't all be Quickwits McSmartypants now can we? Apparently you have a monopoly on cleverness."
  • (To Zevran) "Stop talking about my bosom."
  • (After being drained when using Vessel of the spirit the first time) "I suppose I shouldn't use that particular trick to entertain children at parties."
  • (After finding out you destroyed the Urn) "I hope the Darkspawn take you, because you're no better than them."

If you have Wynne in the party during the Landsmeet & choose her as your champion when you opt to duel Loghain:

  • Loghain: "Will you face me yourself, or have you a champion?"
  • Warden: "Wynne will stand as my champion."
  • Wynne: "I've wanted a private word with him since Ostagar, anyway."


Main article: Wynne/Dialogue



Wynne concept art

  • When asked to compare a set list of NPC companions to food, BioWare employee Cori May said that Wynne was most comparable to "oatmeal with raisins and honey, and lots of them".[1]
  • Writer Sheryl Chee, who wrote Wynne, has said that when going out for a drink Wynne would "drink the beer, but only good microbrews, none of that mass-produced swill."[2]
  • Writer David Gaider said that of all the companions, he'd rather share a dorm room with Wynne because she'd at least be considerate and tidy.[3]
  • Writers Sheryl Chee and Mary Kirby joked that Wynne has a "magical bosom," which is of particular interest to some of the other companions.[4]
  • The name Wynne originates from the Welsh language, being the female form of the name Wyn (derived from Welsh gwyn meaning "blessed, white, fair").
  • Wynne is quite the connoisseur when it comes to fine beers and ale, which surprises Oghren.
  • Wynne is similar to Bioware's Mass Effect character Dr. Chakwas, considering their relationships with the characters of Alistair and Kaidan respectively. Both also claim they have lived long lives and are ready to accept the inevitable when their death comes.
  • Wynne and Alistair seem to have a mother-son (or grandmother-grandson) relationship, which they talk about often. Such acts include stitching his shirt, nagging him about his socks, and talking to him about where babies come from (if the Warden is in a relationship with him).
  • Wynne is the only companion who doesn't teach her class specialization.


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