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Wynne's Regret is Wynne's personal quest.


  1. Talk to Wynne about her past and have her become warm towards you.
  2. During a World Map Encounter named Hillside Path, Wynne will collapse at the end of battle. Head to camp and talk to her.
  3. During another World Map Encounter named Low Road, a Hurlock Omega will cast a fireball seriously hurting the Warden. Wynne will unlock a new ability called Vessel of the Spirit, a powerful party boost spell that puts great strain upon herself.
  4. Talk to Wynne (this may require multiple conversations) until you have the option of asking her about any past regrets. She will tell the story of her old apprentice Aneirin. At this point the quest should be added to your journal, and Ico Appr Heart Wynne approves (+2).
  5. Go to the Dalish Camp in the Brecilian Outskirts and find an elf named Sarel sitting on a bench. He will tell you of Aneirin.
  6. Have Wynne in your party, then travel to East Brecilian Forest and go just north above Mad Hermit's clearing.
  7. Aneirin will hand over an amulet called Aneirin's Token that augments Wynne's Vessel of the Spirit spell and protects her.
Note: Should you have already sided with the werewolves in Nature of the Beast, you will be unable to find Sarel. However, Aneirin will still be found at East Brecilian Forest.


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