Wycome is a coastal city-state in the Free Marches. It is located on the Amaranthine coast, not far from the mouth of the Minanter river.

Background Edit

Wycome is a fishing town known for being the "most free" city of the Free Marches and the revelry capital of Thedas. Wycome is the second-greatest importer of Antivan wine after Orlais despite having less than a third the population of Val Royeaux.[1]

History Edit

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Dragon Age: Last Flight.

During the Fourth Blight, the Grey Wardens retreated to Wycome as Antiva was being overrun by darkspawn. As Wycome was too weak to fend off a darkspawn assault, the Wardens worked on a plan to evacuate its population. Taking inspiration from the Dalish aravels, Warden Isseya came up with designs for aerial aravels, cobbled from fishing boats and wagon wheels, and powered by both magic and griffons. Hundreds of people from Wycome were successfully brought to Starkhaven, which had opened its doors to refugees. Floating aravels were later used to evacuate Kirkwall as well.[2]

In 9:25 Dragon, the various lords of the Free Marches gathered in an attempt to forge a union in the north. King Maric Theirin of Ferelden was to attend to help with the talks. When he disappeared at sea while on his way to Wycome, the Free Marches fell back into petty squabbling.[3]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A Dalish Inquisitor can uncover a conspiracy in Wycome through a series of War table missions.

The Lavellan clan, who has settled in an unclaimed valley not far from Wycome, sends a letter to the Inquisitor asking for help against heavily-armed bandits. If the Inquisitor makes the right choices, they discover that the bandits are actually mercenaries paid for by Duke Antoine of Wycome. Though the Duke outwardly claims to be an ally of the Inquisition, he is secretly allied with the Venatori and helping them in their attempt to corrupt Wycome's human population by poisoning their wells with red lyrium. As the humans become sick, they start to blame the elves, whose wells haven't been corrupted and thus remain healthy. Wycome's nobility eventually turns their soldiers against both the Dalish and city elves in an attempt to wipe them out.

If the Inquisitor makes the right choices, Clan Lavellan can survive the ordeal and Keeper Istimaethoriel can become part of the new Wycome City Council set up to replace Duke Antoine.

If the Inquisitor makes the wrong choices, Clan Lavellan is wiped out; furthermore, the Inquisiton's forces might be forced to retreat from Wycome without removing the Venatori.

Governance Edit

Wycome is ruled by a Duke. In 9:41 Dragon, Duke Antoine is the ruler.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Depending on the choices made by the Inquisitor during the war table missions, Wycome can replace the Duke with a City Council made up of several human merchants, a city elf, and Keeper Istimaethoriel.

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If the Inquisitor successfully completed the war table mission chain, Varric, in his new position as Viscount of Kirkwall, informs the Inquisitor that he's brokered an alliance with Wycome's new City Council to give them more political clout.

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