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Wraiths are a weaker variety of demon that are typically found near Fade rifts.


Like wisps, wraiths are sometimes thought to be the remains of spirits or demons that have been destroyed. They cannot shape the Fade around themselves, nor are they capable of mimicking forms they see in the minds of dreamers as many weaker spirits do. Instead, they are the scavengers of the Fade, dwelling in the shadows of stronger beings, feeding on scraps of thought and emotion.

—From Beyond the Veil: Spirits and Demons by Enchanter Mirdromel[1]


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Frostback Mountains Frostback Mountains
Hinterlands Hinterlands
Fallow Mire Fallow Mire
Crestwood Crestwood

Abilities & Skills[]

Wraiths are only capable of ranged attack using magic; if they are in presence of a more powerful demon, they can also gain barriers and elemental damage to enhance their attack. A rage demon for instance would grant fire damage while a despair demon would bestow ice damage.

Immunity: Physical Effects
Immunity: Poisoned
Barrier Barrier (if charged by a pure wisp)
Resistance: Electricity (if charged by a pride demon)
Resistance: Fire (if charged by a rage demon)
Resistance: Ice (if charged by a despair demon)
Resistance: Spirit (if charged by a fear demon)

Notable loot[]

Dreamer Rags Dreamer Rags
Wisp Essence Wisp Essence (if charged by a pure wisp)


Charged wisp[2]
Pure wisp
Wisp wraith

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Wraith Codex entry: Wraith



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  2. Encountered in Blackmarsh while confronting the Queen of the Blackmarsh.