Wounds of the Past is one of Merrill's spells from her unique Dalish Pariah specialization in Dragon Age II.

Though it is not mentioned in the description, Blood of the First must be active in order to be casted.

It is almost similar to the Hemorrhage spell from the Blood Mage specialization.


  • Physical damage: 4.5x
  • Enemy armor: Momentarily 0%
  • Enemy damage resistance: Momentarily 0%
  • Size: 10m


Wounds-of-the-Past Deep Wounds
Requires: Level 15
Requires: Wounds of the Past
Requires: 4 points in Dalish Pariah
Wounds of the Past now inflicts more damage and leaves some enemies immobilized.

Physical damage: +2.25x
Paralyze chance: 50% vs. normal enemies


  • Activation base is a fixed mana value.
  • Renders damage resistance-reducing abilities, such as Mark of Death and Hex of Torment, useless while it is in effect. ps3Icon ps3
  • Even on Nightmare difficulty, the spell does not affect companions within its range. The same goes for Hemorrhage and Tempest.


  • pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3 As of v1.02, the damage type for this spell is determined by the damage type of Merrill's equipped staff. Victims will also suffer the relevant elemental effects (such as cold damage slowing or freezing enemies) and any damage bonuses Merrill has for that damage type. This can be quite beneficial in some of the game's more difficult fights (against opponents with blood, anyway) by allowing you to tailor the damage type to the needs of the battle, provided you have a wide enough selection of staves to choose from. Note, that while the spell inflicts elemental damage of the type of the equipped staff, it seems to be without regard to elemental resistance. For example, on Nightmare mode, Mabaris are immune to fire damage, but Wounds of the Past with a fire staff inflicts the appropriate amount of fire damage.
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