Wounded in the Forest is a quest found in the West Brecilian Forest.


Deygan, an elvish hunter, is found wounded in the forest. What to do?


Fairly quickly after entering the West Brecilian Forest, a wounded elven hunter, Deygan, will be found. After sputtering a few blood soaked words, he collapses and several choices open up:

  • Return to the Dalish Camp with Deygan, thus saving his life and earning a rare slice of gratitude from the elves.
  • Wake him back up and talk to him, stab him, or other things.
  • Kill him
  • Loot his body (then take him back to the camp, or kill him)


Looting Deygan while he was unconscious will get you Deygan's Dal'Thanu (+10% nature resistance, +4 attack), small bone figurine and Deygan's Boots (+2 constitution). If you choose to return him to the Camp, he can later be found back in the camp (near Athras), and asks you if you found a small bone figurine near his body (only if you decided to loot him in the forest), which is of great personal value to him.

You have two options:

  1. I did, actually
  2. (Persuade) No, I didn't. Sorry.

If you choose the first option, and gave it to him, he wants to give you a gem for reward. Again, you can choose to accept or decline the gem. If you decline the gem, you get nothing at all. If you accept it, you'll get a Sapphire. If you chose to persuade him, he says something along the lines of "Ah, what a shame," and runs off. If you saved his life without looting him, you still get the option to accept or decline the gem later on.

Wynne and Leliana will gain +4 approval if you choose to return the hunter to the Dalish Camp. If Morrigan is also in your party the two will engage in some religious banter but Morrigan will not lose any approval.

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