Worthy of Publication is a side quest from the Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Kenric's research assistant, Colette, left to survey Tevinter ruins. Her findings could offer historical insight into the Basin's past.


Obtained after speaking with Professor Kenric at the research outpost.


  • Find Colette.
  • Rescue Colette.
  • Speak with Colette.
  • Meet Colette at the Tevinter ruins.

Colette can be found east of the research outpost, just past the Inquisition Swampside camp. To reach Colette, descend down into the swamp proper. She can be located just south of the Blood-Stained Shrine landmark, in combat with three Lurkers. Once Colette is saved and the Lurkers defeated she will explain her mission and her destination, directing the Inquisitor to the Tevinter Ruin she is searching for before heading there herself.

The Tevinter Ruin in question is Nigel's point, which can be most easily reached by heading north of where Colette was first encountered and establishing the Cliffside Camp for the Inquisition and then taking the path south of the camp up onto the leftside of the cliff. Once at the ruin, a Jaws of Hakkon encampment may be nearby forcing a battle with the aggressive Avvar. A treasure chest can be found on the battlements on the front left of the ruin and an inscription identifying the ruin as a site dedicated to the Old God Razikale, can be found in the alcove left of the stairs. Head down the stairs and speak to Colette to complete the quest. Here Colette may give the Inquisitor further information about Orinna and Haron, should they inquire further.

If this quest is started, but not completed, before The Old Temple is completed, then upon exiting the Inquisitor will find a pile of rubble and Colette's journal. The rewards remain the same.


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