For the world map in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, see World map (Awakening).
For the world map in Dragon Age II, see World map (Dragon Age II).

The World Map is used to navigate between the different locations inside and around Ferelden in Dragon Age: Origins. As the story progresses a dark stain spreads over the map, representing the spread of the Blight.

Map Edit

Brecilian ForestEast Brecilian ForestParty CampSoldier's Peak (DLC only)DenerimArl of Redcliffe's EstateThe PearlThe AlienageFort DrakonFrostback MountainsOrzammarLake Calenhad DocksCircle TowerRedcliffe CastleRedcliffe VillageLotheringBrecilian OutskirtsFlemeth's HutOstagarVillage of HavenHonnleath (DLC only)Redcliffe DungeonsKorcari WildsKadan-Fe HideoutRuined TempleThe Dragon's LairOrtan ThaigCaridin's CrossOrlaisAeducan ThaigThe Dead TrenchesCivil WarBattlefieldRefugeesCaravanDalish CampWest Brecilian ForestWerewolf LairThe Elven TombsBrecilian RuinsDenerim PalaceMap - World
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Initial locations Edit

Appears after Nature of the Beast main quest:

Visible locations (no direct travel) Edit

Quest locations Edit

DLC locationsEdit

Geography Edit

Encounters Edit

There appear to be two types of encounters while travelling from one location to another: scripted and random. Regardless of the type of encounter, it is advisable to thoroughly explore/loot the area as these encounters cannot be revisited (with one exception).

Scripted Edit

As the name suggests, these occur after having triggered some flag - note that the game may overtly advertise this fact to you sometimes, but other times it will not. Typically, this will be quest-related, gift-related, or companion-related (having a specific party member at a specific time).

Ico Area Map Back Alley
Ico Area Map Deserted Farmland
Ico Area Map Forest Stream
Ico Area Map Hillside Path
Ico Area Map Low Road
Ico Area Map Out of the Way
Ico Area Map Run-Down Alley
Ico Area Map Side Street
Ico Area Map Taoran's Camp
Ico Area Map The Long Road
Ico Area Map Trade Route
Ico Area Map Wooded Glen

Random Edit

Main article: Random encounters (Origins)

These encounters are typically isolated battles (an occasional item, conversation, etc.), such as encountering an allied patrol battling darkspawn or getting jumped by darkspawn yourself. They have no directly discernible impact on the game, but it is a good opportunity for XP and other goodies.

Plains Edit

Ico Area Map Desolate Highway
Ico Area Map The Low Road
Ico Area Map Lakeside Road
Ico Area Map Steep Path
Ico Area Map The Crater
Ico Area Map Treacherous Path

Highway Edit

Ico Area Map Bloody Plains
Ico Area Map Gentle Path
Ico Area Map Narrow Road
Ico Area Map Roadside
Ico Area Map Roadside Field
Ico Area Map Rocky Road
Ico Area Map Winding Road
Ico Area Map Wooded Highway
Ico Area Map Twisted Path

Forest Edit

Ico Area Map Dark Forest
Ico Area Map Forest Clearing
Ico Area Map Forest Incline

Forest Path

Ico Area Map Gentle Path
Ico Area Map River Crossing
Ico Area Map Strange Wood
Ico Area Map Twisted Forest
Ico Area Map Wooded Hills

Denerim Edit

Ico Area Map Back Alley

Bugs Edit

When leaving the Camp (and occasionally other places), if the Warden selects "Back to Area Map", then goes back to the World Map, every location will be greyed out and travel will be impossible. The solution is to quit the World Map, and reenter the relevant transition.

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