For the world map in Dragon Age II, see World map (Dragon Age II).

The World Map in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening is used to navigate between the different locations that comprise Amaranthine.

Map[edit | edit source]

Vigil's KeepCity of AmaranthineThe BlackmarshWending WoodSilverite MineKnotwood HillsKal'HirolThe Turnoble EstateForlorn CoveOld Stark's FarmAnselm's Reef
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Initial locations[edit | edit source]

Blackmarsh Blackmarsh

City of Amaranthine City of Amaranthine

Knotwood Hills Knotwood Hills

Vigil's Keep Vigil's Keep

Wending Wood Wending Wood

Visible locations (no direct travel)[edit | edit source]

Kal'Hirol Kal'Hirol

Silverite Mine Silverite Mine

Quest locations[edit | edit source]

Anselm's Reef Anselm's Reef

Forlorn Cove Forlorn Cove

Old Stark's Farm Old Stark's Farm

The Turnoble Estate The Turnoble Estate

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