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In the Wooded Hills, the Warden is confronted by an angry Dalish woman named Melora who has gone against the wishes of the Keeper in order to punish the Warden's thievery.

This occurs if the Warden failed a Stealing attempt in the Dalish Camp or if the Warden took the Song Book from the chest behind Zathrian before Nature of the Beast was concluded.

Enemies Edit

Notable items Edit

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Special objects Edit

  • The Flimsy Leghold Traps may be disarmed for 30 XP each.
  • Be sure to find the small camp in the southeast corner of this map for two treasure chests. Note that they require moderately high lockpicking skill to open (as indicated by the 40 XP and 50 XP awarded for opening them).

Notes Edit

  • The encounter is most easily experienced by travelling between Denerim and the Brecilian Outskirts.
  • This encounter can still occur after Nature of the Beast is resolved.
  • Melora dual-wields maces, enabling her to significantly damage heavily armored opponents.

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