Map-Wooded Glen

Map of the area

NPC-Adventurer Leader

Adventurer Leader, wearing Red Steel armor.

The Wooded Glen encounter will only trigger after the Warden accepts the quest Careless Accusations.

Background Edit

The Warden happens upon a fellow group of adventurers and can dissuade them from completing their mission or murder them.

Characters Edit

Enemies Edit

Depending on your talks with the leader, these can become your enemies.

Notable items Edit

Rgt ico elfroot Elfroot x2
Rgt ico deathroot Deathroot x1
Ico ring Seal of Rat Red, dropped by the leader upon his death.

Notes Edit

  • This fight isn't very difficult if the mage dies first.
  • No approval or disapproval is obtained by dissuading them from their mission or killing them.
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