The Wonders of Thedas is a shop in the Denerim Market District, specializing in magical and exotic items.

Wonders of Thedas sign

Wonders of Thedas sign

Background Edit

A shop with quite the reputation, proven by the fact that even Alistair knows about it. However Zevran doesn't, thinking (or maybe hoping) that it's a whorehouse.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Crime Wave
Ico Quest Notice of Termination
Ico Quest False Witness

Characters Edit

Map-Wonders of Thedas

Map of the area

Enemies Edit

When on the quest False Witness.

Companion remarks Edit

While walking in the upper part of the room:

  • Alistair: "Where do you think they get all this stuff? You think they, um, have any miniature golem dolls?"
  • Leliana: "Ooh! Glass slippers!"
  • Morrigan: " 'Tis all junk, just as I... hmm, is that an authentic Chasind tribal fertility carving?"
  • Oghren: "Hey could I borrow a sovereign? I've always wanted a head of an adulterer, preserved in honey."
  • Shale: "Does it think they might have chisel strong enough to chip my stone? I doubt it."
  • Wynne: "Hmm, jade, carved and polished into the shape of a large... Oh, I see. Well, that's just... rude."
  • Zevran: "Oh. And here I thought the "Wonders of Thedas" might be a whorehouse. Pity."

Notable items Edit

Notable gifts for companions:

Tre ico map 1 Ancient Map of the Imperium.
Tre ico garnet Remarkable Garnet.

Codex entries Edit

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