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“You know what they say: The ancestors help those who side with the winners.”

Wojech Ivo is a dwarven nobleman, said to be a master-at-arms that uses a different weapon in every Proving match he fights. He is a member of House Ivo, and the older brother of Frandlin Ivo.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Wojech is involved in the quest A Lord's Trust: The First Task in which he fights on behalf of Bhelen Aeducan. If the Warden chooses to fight as Lord Pyral Harrowmont's champion, they will fight Wojech in the third round. Wojech will fight with his second, Velanz. If the Warden does not fight as Harrowmont's champion, they will instead fight Lord Darvianak Vollney and his second, Olaniv.

If a Dwarf Noble Warden defeated Wojech's brother in the Provings of the origin story and speaks to him, Wojech will comment on his brother's defeat and his determination to restore his house's reputation.


A Lord's Trust: The First Task A Lord's Trust: The First Task


  • "Prince Bhelen will plant his throne on your trampled corpse."


  1. Mentioned by the Proving Master when presenting Frandlin Ivo during The Nobles' Feast quest.