Wishing Well is a side quest in the Mark of the Assassin DLC for Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

There are several "Caprices" (gold coins) which can be found in the Chateau Haine Courtyard; find one to start the quest.

Walkthrough Edit

There are a total of 5 Caprices which need to be tossed into the nearby fountain. The locations are as follows:

  • Two sitting on benches around the party: one behind Leliana, and one on the opposite bench to the west.
  • One in a sack near Leopold, the wyvern.
  • One can be "purchased" for 0DAO bronzepiece trans at the Hunting Stores near the banquet area. (It is found in the "Other" section of the merchant's inventory.)
  • One is received from Lord Cyril as you progress through the quest Heart of the Many. He tells you that tossing the coins into the fountain is an "old tradition" and gives you the fifth Caprice.

Rewards Edit

  • 75 XP per Caprice thrown into the fountain
  • 300 XP (quest completion)
  • 1 attribute point
Note: You can't use the attribute point earned until after you enter the Chateau Haine (Interior)
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