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The title of this page is not an official name, but the article uses it as conjecture.

The Chantry has fallen, and shown its imperfection in doing so. The Chant of Light was a lie. It was arrogance to think that mortal lips could frame the Maker's will, and so we wait in silence.Speaker Anais

The Winterwatch Tower cultists are followers of an Andrastian denonimation of faith in the Maker who, unlike the Chantry, don't consider the Chant of Light as a basis for their religion.


The cult was started by Fereldan and Orlesian refugees gathered inside of the Winterwatch Tower in the aftermath of Mage-Templar War and the fall of the Chantry.

Some join the group for religious reasons, whilst others do it because both mages and the templars fighting in the Hinterlands seem to avoid the Winterwatch Tower, and leave its inhabitants in peace.


The cult worships the Breach as they believe it was the Maker who caused it in order to open the skies so that His faithful can return to Him in the Golden City. Whilst they still revere Andraste, they defy the Chant of Light as they believe it is false. The Chant is normally sang or recited by priests of the Andrastian chantries, but according to Anais, they await the Maker in silence.

The only known title is that of a Speaker, and it is held by Anais. The title is likely to do with the fact that one of the foundations of Chantry's beliefs is recitation of the Chant, which they refuse; whilst everyone else stays silent, Anais speaks.


Speaker Anais will greet The Herald of Andraste as they approach the Winterwatch Tower. She will question their claim to close rifts. In order to prove to her that the Herald can indeed close rifts, she will ask them to close the one formed in the Winterwatch Cave. After doing so, she offers the cult to the Inquisition. Depending on player choice, they can either help the refugees in Hinterlands, or join the Inquisition by becoming spies for Leliana or agents for Josephine.

Known members[]

Berand can join the Inquisition, and Hyndel may be persuaded to return to his family, resulting in both of them leaving the Winterwatch Tower.

As the War against the Elder One progresses, more inhabitants begin to talk about leaving or questioning their beliefs. Some claim they only joined because their masters perished at the Divine Conclave, whilst others find it troublesome that it was the Elder One who created the Breach and killed Divine Justinia V, not the Maker.


  • All of the members of the cult wear mage robes, despite the fact that none of them are mages.