Winterwatch Tower is a mountain keep in the Hinterlands.

Background Edit

The keep was constructed by Arl Tiranon Guerrin, to serve as a temporary residence for his eldest son Lornan. As Lornan had not lived up to the expectations of his father, Arl Tiranon tasked him with cleaning the surrounding mountains of bandits, not permitting him to return to Redcliffe until he had done so.[1]

Involvement Edit

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A cult has formed in the area, taking up residence in the keep. The cult believes that the Breach in the sky has been opened by the Maker, to take His faithful followers back to the Golden City.[2][3] Additionally, due to the ongoing war between mages and templars, some refugees have joined the cult in hope to be safe in the mountains, further away from the conflict area.[4]

As the Inquisitor travels to the keep, they will meet with Speaker Anais. They have the option to convince Speaker Anais to work for the Inquisition, but first she requests proof that the Inquisitor truly is the Herald of Andraste. By sealing a Fade rift inside a cave in the keep, Anais becomes convinced that the Inquisitor has the power to control the rifts and she can be recruited as an agent for the Inquisition.

Characters Edit

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI Love Waits
Quest icon DAI Praise the Herald of Andraste
Quest icon DAI Shallow Breaths

Notable items Edit

  • Landmark Lornan's Exile which also grants the codex entry, in the centre of the courtyard
  • A mosaic piece for The Fall, on the top floor of the tower
  • An elven artifact, on the top floor of the tower
  • A bottle of Vint-9 Rowan's Rose, on the second floor of the tavern

References Edit

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