For the spells in other games, see Winter's Grasp (Origins) and Winter's Grasp (Dragon Age II).

Winter's Grasp is a mage spell from the Winter tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

  • Ice damage: 200% weapon damage
  • Freeze duration: 4 Seconds
  • Chill duration: 8 Seconds
  • Cooldown time: 16 Seconds
  • Cost: 65 mana

Upgrade Edit

Winter's Grasp (Inquisition) Winter's Chill
Upgrade Winter's Grasp now damages and chills nearby enemies as well. However, only the primary target is frozen.

Area of effect: 3 Meters
Winter's Grasp (Inquisition) Winter's Ruin
Requires: Trespasser
Enemies that are already frozen or chilled take massive damage when hit with Winter's Grasp.

Damage: 1,000% weapon damage

Notes Edit

  • Initialises a freeze combo.
  • With the upgrade, friendly fire is possible if enabled in the options.
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