Wilmod is one of many templar recruits being trained in the Gallows in 9:31 Dragon, along with Paxley, Ruvena, Hugh and Keran.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Wilmod is involved in the quest, Enemies Among Us.

Macha asks Hawke to help her find her missing brother, Keran. When speaking to the templar recruits in the Gallows, it is revealed that several other recruits have disappeared as well. Upon further investigation, it turns out that blood mages have been kidnapping the recruits in order to turn them into abominations. By the time Hawke gets involved, Wilmod has already been possessed by a demon. Upon being confronted by Cullen in his camp, Wilmod turns into a shade. He is killed in the ensuing fight.

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