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Wilhelm's Magus Staff is a staff in Dragon Age: Origins. It requires The Stone Prisoner DLC. Formerly this was the weapon of Wilhelm Sulzbacher, the mage who was a hero of the Fereldan Rebellion who fought alongside King Maric and was also the owner of Shale.


It is given in return for making a bargain with Kitty, a Desire Demon during the quest The Golem in Honnleath.

  1. Converse with Kitty until it demands, "Release me, mortal. And let me have the girl. Let us return to her father and leave this place forever."
  2. Reply that, "I'll let you go, but you need to leave the girl."
  3. Solve the puzzle.
  4. Remind Kitty, "Don't forget our deal."
  5. When Kitty changes its mind, reply, "Only if you make it worth my while."


  • The actual material is the armor variant of Grey Iron, which uses slightly different color settings. Also the material progress list differs from the source material, using indeed a weapon tier, but Red Steel.