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Wilhelm's Cellar is the surprisingly expansive basement of Wilhelm Sulzbacher's home in the village of Honnleath.


The mage Wilhelm Sulzbacher used this cellar as his laboratory, conducting experiments with Shale and demons, with some brewing on the side.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

When the village is overrun by darkspawn during the Fifth Blight, Wilhelm's son Matthias manages to maintain part of Wilhelm's magical defenses to keep surviving villagers safe from marauding darkspawn.



The Golem in Honnleath The Golem in Honnleath


Map-Wilhelm's Cellar

Map of the area

Note: xbox360Xbox360Instead of rage demons, they may be Devouring corpses.

Automatic encounters between the initial entrance and the laboratory are divided into six groups:

  • First: Genlock (3 Ranged) and Hurlocks (2 Melee)
  • Second: Genlocks (2 Ranged; 1 Melee) and Hurlocks (1 Ranged; 1 Melee)
  • Third: Genlocks (4 Melee), Hurlocks (3 Ranged, 2 Melee) and a Genlock emissary
  • Fourth: Lesser shades (4) and a Dust wraith

The last two groups appear while returning from the laboratory to Matthias:

  • Fifth: Lesser shades (2)
  • Sixth: Lesser shades (4)

If a battle occurs in the laboratory it will involve:

  • Lesser rage demons (4) and Kitty


Deathroot Deathroot
Elfroot Elfroot

Notable items[]

Cord of Shattered Dreams Cord of Shattered Dreams - looted from or granted by Kitty.
Harvest Festival Ring Harvest Festival Ring - looted from a Dust Wraith.
Helm of Honnleath Helm of Honnleath - looted from Kitty.
Wilhelm's Magus Staff Wilhelm's Magus Staff - bribed from Kitty.

Companion Gifts[]

Remarkable Greenstone Remarkable Greenstone
Wilhelm's Special Brew Wilhelm's Special Brew

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: A Decades-Old Letter Codex entry: A Decades-Old Letter
Codex entry: The Journal of Enchanter Wilhelm Codex entry: The Journal of Enchanter Wilhelm

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