For the unique dagger in Dragon Age: Inquisition, see Wicked Grace (dagger).
Have you ever played Wicked Grace? It is easy to learn, but difficult to master. You must watch your opponent's moves as carefully as your own. ―Isabela
Wicked Grace

Isabela plays Wicked Grace in the Pearl

Wicked Grace is a card game with two or more players common to Thedosians. It emphasizes deception, cleverness and the matching of various hands of cards to achieve a numerically winning hand. Card suits are based on negative and positive states, or alternatively upon virtues and vices, hence the name "Wicked Grace".[1]

Rules of the game Edit

One of the players begins by shuffling or cutting the deck, and each player starts with a hand of five cards. Players draw and discard cards, and play them – sometimes playing them upside-down – in order to enhance their hands until the "Angel of Death" card turns up in the deck.

The game is over when this card appears, and all players must show their hands. Non-matching cards are a losing hand. Drawing a card already discarded is considered cheating, though cheating appears common and possibly even expected in this game.

Card suits Edit

  • Serpents (for example, serpents of deceit and avarice, decay and sadness)
  • Songs (temerity, mercy, twilight and autumn)
  • Angels (fortitude, truth, charity, and death)
  • Knights (dawn, roses, ages, sacrifice and wisdom)
  • Daggers

Good vs. bad hands Edit

A bad hand is one with few or no matching suits: of songs, serpents, etc. A middling hand would be one with two sets of matching suits: two serpents and two songs, for example. A good hand is one with a numerically significant set of matching suits. A set of four of the same suit of cards, for example, is considered a winning hand when the Angel of Death appears.

Trivia Edit

  • Another common card game of chance in Thedas is Diamondback, a game most commonly played by Dwarven Noble hunters, though not exclusively.[2] Chanson d'Argent and Dead Man's Tricks are also commonly played games.[3]
  • One of the methods of unlocking the Duelist specialization in Dragon Age: Origins is for the Warden to play and beat the pirate captain Isabela at Wicked Grace.
  • In Dragon Age: Inquisition, Varric will invite the Inquisitor to a game of Wicked Grace with some of their companions and advisors.

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