White Scapular of the Defender is a unique amulet in Dragon Age II.


  • Since patch 1.02, the ring is unobtainable via normal means.


  • This amulet is somewhat identical to Warden's Oath, except the values for health and Defense are switched.
  • Due to the low armor and Defense values relative to the player's level around the time this amulet can be obtained, the extra health is the only bonus of note on the accessory, of which Warden's Oath provides a slightly higher amount. In short, the accessory is wholly unnecessary if one does not wish to leave Gascard DuPuis alive (because they do not like him, it is too much hassle to keep him alive, a mage Hawke would find his hat more useful, or some combination thereof).


  • pcIcon pc This amulet is supposed to be received with a letter from Gascard DuPuis if he is allowed to live during the Act 2 quest All That Remains. However, since patch 1.02, the amulet is not received.
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