Where the Druffalo Roam is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A farmer's druffalo ran off, spooked by demons, and was last seen in the ravine.

Acquisition Edit

Read a Heartfelt Request on a board outside a farm, just northwest of the Redcliffe Farms Camp.

Walkthrough Edit

Druffy has run all the way to the end of the Gully of the Burnt Men, the canyon leading from the Forannan Ravine east to the Witchwood in the Hinterlands. Once found she will follow you around. Lead her back west to her pasture at the farm where you read the note. When she has reunited with the rest of her flock, go tell the druffalo owner on the fields around that she is safe again – for your reward.

Note: Druffy will try to move the direct path to your party, not necessarily the best walkable way: If you're moving too far from her too fast, she might stop following or get difficulties at obstacles between you and her. You might also encounter the usual Hinterlands' enemies on your way to her or back to the farm; Druffy, however, is invulnerable.

Rewards Edit

  • 44 XP
  • 40 Influence

Approval Edit

DAIApproval Cole Approves (does not have to be in the party)

Notes Edit

Other texts Edit

Text ico A Heartfelt Request

Bugs Edit

  • Although Druffy will cross the ravine stream along with you, she sometimes refuses to cross the small body of water next to your camp, and freezes on the shore. In case this happens, simply take a detour south, and lead her through the stakes used for the quest In the Saddle.
  • If your Inquisition Scouts have set up a loot chest in the gully where Druffy begins her journey, she may be unable to find a path around the scouts and chest. To correct this issue, you will have to leave the Hinterlands to any other zone, and return.
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