What is Built Endures is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. The walls of Vigil's Keep are badly damaged, and require reparations in order to improve your chances against another darkspawn attack. Voldrik Glavonak requires your assistance to help improve them.

Walkthrough Edit

Granite Deposit

The big yellow circle marks the location of granite

Voldrick wants a source of granite to remake the walls. The granite can be found in the Wending Wood to the east of the mine entrance (see picture). Once you have looked at the stone by clicking on it, return to tell Voldrick. The dwarf then asks that soldiers be sent to secure the site.

Result Edit

  • 500 XP
  • Vigil's Keep will have upgraded walls, and be better able to withstand assaults.
  • Herren's shop and the soldiers outside the Keep get reset once again.

Bugs Edit

  • ps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360 If you tell Voldrik to use what resources he has available when you find the granite deposits in the Wending Wood, you will not be able to report it back to him as he will not talk to you again. You then cannot complete the quest and it remains in the current quests.
  • If you pick up the granite before completing at least one of the three main plot line quests, Voldrik will appear to have a quest turn-in mark above his head, but you may not be able to complete the quest until completing one of the main quests.
    • An alternative is to use this mod.
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