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Weylon is the loyal assistant of Brother Genitivi.


Upon entering Genitivi's Home, the Warden is met by Weylon. He claims that Genitivi is missing and was hoping for word on him, his last known location being Lake Calenhad Docks.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

As the Warden and the companions question Weylon, it becomes increasingly obvious that something is amiss. Weylon will be very evasive and offer only conflicting information about the location of Brother Genitivi. If the Warden's Cunning is high enough, they can point out the inconsistencies in Weylon's story and provoke him into attacking. Weylon will also attack if the Warden insists on entering the closed back room of the house. If the Warden's Cunning is not high enough to cut through Weylon's story, the party must journey to Lake Calenhad and visit the Spoiled Princess, to speak with the Innkeeper; the party will be ambushed upon leaving the building, and must then return to Denerim to confront Weylon, who attacks.

In all scenarios, "Weylon" is eventually killed by the Warden and companions. Upon his death, he is revealed to be an impostor and member of the Disciples of Andraste. The body of the real Weylon is then found in the back room, lying beside Brother Genitivi's research journal; this journal is what directs the party to the discovery of the Village of Haven.

"Imposter Weylon" is a mage and may drop Gold Ring, Commoner Clothing, lyrium potions, or a salve after being slain.

Spells used:

Fireball Fireball
Lightning Lightning


The Urn of Sacred Ashes The Urn of Sacred Ashes