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West Hill is a bannorn in northern Ferelden.


The bannorn has a large fortress which once served as a look-out point against marauding corsairs. It shares the same name with the bannorn but at least during the Exalted Age it was also called Western Hill.[1] When their threat began to fade, it was partially abandoned and many of its watchtowers remain unmanned to this day. While West Hill is capable of holding thousands of people, it is usually only manned by a few hundred. Mostly abandoned, a majority of the fortress has been converted to storage. Many passages are long forgotten, dusty and dark, and anyone who wanders into them stands the risk of becoming lost inside. The fortress is also considered by many to be haunted.

During the unity wars between the Alamarri tribes in the Exalted Age which would determine Ferelden's first king, Arl Tenedor ruled the West Hill. Ser Forannan was a knight at his service and had as a squire the young Calenhad. One day the fortress of West Hill was besieged by Arl Myrddin, a candidate for the throne. During the battle Arl Tenedor and Ser Forannan were killed and Calenhad bested Arl Myrrdin in single combat. Calenhad spared Myrrdin's life who in return swore fealty to Calenhad, and thus Calenhad became the ruler of West Hill.[2]

In 9:20 Dragon West Hill is ruled by Bann Teoric.[3] During the events of the Fifth Blight, it is presided over by Bann Franderel.[4]


Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.

Prince Maric's rebel forces suffer a devastating defeat at the fortress of West Hill when they are ambushed by King Meghren's Chevaliers during the campaign to free Ferelden from the Orlesian Empire and restore the royal Theirin family to the throne of the kingdom. Arl Rendorn Guerrin, the commander of the rebel army, was amongst the casualties. This major defeat was the result of an Orlesian spy infiltrating the rebel forces and informing the Prince that West Hill is the site where the yearly salaries of the chevaliers stationed in Ferelden were being stored.

Notable citizens[]

  • Bann Teoric[3] – author of Beyond the Frostbacks; Bann of West Hill during c.9:20 Dragon



  • The helmet which (it's said that) Maric wore during the Battle of West Hill was stolen from the royal palace after his disappearance.[6] It can be acquired during Dragon Age 2 with the Rogue Item Pack II DLC.[7]