The spawn are clear in their intent, but an apostate is always unknown.

Ser Wesley Vallen is a templar encountered in Dragon Age II. He was not based in Lothering, but headed there after hearing of the events at Ostagar in search of his wife Aveline.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

While fleeing Lothering, Hawke encounters Wesley and his wife, Aveline, battling darkspawn. As they defend themselves, Wesley is cut across the arm and almost killed by a Hurlock, but is saved when Aveline tackles, beats and decapitates it. Still surrounded and outnumbered, the two are saved by the Hawke family. Wesley is initially hostile towards Bethany (and Hawke if a mage), but relents out of gratitude for saving them and due to Aveline's insistence. She suggests that she and Wesley go with them to Gwaren and take a ship to Kirkwall. When one of Hawke's siblings dies, Wesley blesses them to comfort Leandra.

After Flemeth saves Hawke and company from the darkspawn attack, it is revealed that Wesley has been corrupted by the darkspawn taint.


Due to the Darkspawn taint, Wesley will not survive. Either Aveline or Hawke can grant him a quick death.

If Hawke chooses to let Aveline decide Wesley's fate:

  • Friendship small Aveline: friendship (+10)

If Hawke encourages Aveline to put him out of his misery:

  • Rivalry small Aveline: rivalry (+10)
There is no approval change if Hawke volunteers to perform the mercy killing.


  • Speaking to Bethany after being rescued by Hawke's party: "Apostate...keep your distance!"
  • "Ashes we were, and ashes we become. Maker, give this young woman/man a place at your side. Let us find comfort in the peace she/he has found, in eternity."
  • Hawke: "The wrath of the templars is terrible indeed."
    Wesley: "More-so their wives, but as long as there is a greater danger you and I have an accord."


  • Wesley wears a more streamlined version of the traditional Templar Armor, with the Templar sword symbol pointing down rather than up as it did in Origins or on the other Templars in Dragon Age II.
  • Wesley is the first example shown of a married Templar. It was previously implied that Templars could not marry, but the issue is never directly addressed.
  • When combat initiates at any point Wesley declare "I will not die today!". Ironically, regardless of your actions, he will ultimately perish.
  • Given Aveline's abysmal skill at courtship, it can be assumed that Wesley was the one pursuing her.


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