Lady of the Forest2

Lady of the Forest and Werewolves

The Lair of the Werewolves is where the werewolves inhabiting the Brecilian Forest make their home.


Hidden by the forest itself, only those regarded as a friend are allowed entrance. The Lair of the Werewolves rests in the lower levels of an ancient elven ruin, known as the Brecilian Ruins. There, the werewolves live under the guidance of the Lady of the Forest, and are helped to rediscover their humanity. They learn their names, and regain enough intelligence enough to carry out complicated strategies as well as any human, elf or dwarf.


Main chamber


Notable Items

To open all locked Chests in the Werewolf Lair one needs a lockpicking score of 60.

Plt ico old scroll Scroll of Banastor
Ico ring Keeper's Ring, source: Zathrian
Ico staff Magister's Staff, source: Zathrian
Ico amulet Heart of Witherfang, source: Witherfang
Ru coldiron expert Expert Cold Iron Rune, source: Witherfang
Ico shield kitewood Swiftrunner's Shield, source: Swiftrunner (uncursed)


  • If you chose to side with the werewolves, the 5 werewolves that remain in the chamber of the Lady of the Forest can be killed by AOE spells, though they are now non-hostile. Amounts to a little extra experience and maybe some loot.
  • The werewolves, once freed, magically regain intact clothing.


Ico Cave Lower Ruins
Ico Cave Ruins Upper Level (After speaking to The Lady of the Forest)
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