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The Wending Wood stone puzzle is an optional puzzle in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.


While traveling through Wending Wood, near the granite deposit, you will discover the corpse of a scholar on the side of the path. Looting him will grant you a strange stone and a battered journal (Codex entry: A Scholar's Journal). It briefly tells about the magical stones used by Tevinters and his journey of finding a rare piece of stone. As you continue down the path, or from the map, you will come across a distinct structure made of multiple circular stones laid out in a pattern along the ground with broken columns surrounding the outside.


There are multiple ways to complete the puzzle. The goal of the puzzle is to connect every stone with one continuous line of fire (i.e. connect-the-dots), starting and ending at the original stone used to start the puzzle. You do not need to make a complete circle of fire but you can only use each stone once.

Note: It is best to move your party off to the side and have them hold their position while you attempt the puzzle.

First solution[]

Wending puzzle

A demonstration of the instructions provided

  1. To begin, select the lone 'Stone' marker. Clicking it will open three different 'Stone' options or directions that you can select to trace out your line of fire. Clicking on another stone traces a line to that 'Stone' and then gives you new options of 'Stones' to select to continue your line.
  2. Of the 3 options, on either side or the outside, click the 'Stone' marker that is on the outside. Continue around clockwise connecting all of the outside 'Stone' markers. You should have ended at the marker next to the first outside marker you started with.
  3. Now, move inward and click on the 'Stone' marker on the middle ring. Continue back, counter-clockwise around the middle ring until you are next to the starting stone.
  4. Click on the 'Stone' marker on the innermost ring. Continue around clockwise again until you finish hitting each stone in that ring. You should be next to the last open 'Stone' marker left on the middle ring.
  5. Last but not least, select that open marker on the middle ring and finish your continuous line of magic fire by clicking back on the beginning starting stone. You should have connected every 'Stone' completing the puzzle.

Second solution[]

Illumination solution

An alternate solution

The following solution can be done without connecting all the paths.

  1. Place the stone.
  2. Start by activating the first stone.
  3. There should be three stones available to touch, activate the one nearest to a stone column.
  4. Three more stones are now available, position your party members so that you can use the radial menu to activate all of the stones simultaneously.


  • 750 XP

Illumination Illumination