The Wending Wood is an area of forested slopes and lush greenery, divided by the trade route known as the Pilgrim's Path -- named for the faithful devotees of Andraste who walk that very road to reach the City of Amaranthine, and who have left ancient relics scattered about the wood to honor Andraste and the Maker.

Background Edit

The wood was once a home to an Avvar tribe of the Alamarri, and the location of one of the battles between the magisters and the barbarians in the ancient times. The wood was a sacred place of an Avvar god known as Uvolla. For centuries, the wood had been known as a place of breathtaking beauty and tranquility.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

In Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, The Warden-Commander travels to the Wending Wood to investigate mysterious goings-on in the area. Multiple caravans of merchants have been attacked recently, and roaming bands of darkspawn have been spotted as well. A clan of Dalish elves has also settled in the area, their proximity to nearby human villages making the locals uneasy.[1] The Warden-Commander finds that the darkspawn are responsible for the attack (and near total destruction) of the Dalish clan. One surviving elven mage had mistakenly believed that humans were responsible for the murders, and dealt out revenge to any humans who wandered into the area. With her help, the Warden-Commander ventures into the Silverite Mine in order to eradicate the darkspawn.

Maferaths Monuments Wending Wood

Map of the area

Quests Edit

Ico Quest The Righteous Path
Ico Quest Brothers of Stone
Ico Quest From the Living Wood
Ico Quest Heart of the Forest
Ico Quest Ines the Botanist
Ico Quest Maferath's Monuments
Ico Quest The Merchant's Goods
Ico Quest Trading Troubles
Ico Quest What is Built Endures

Characters Edit

Enemies Edit

Notable items Edit

Ico ring Ash, source: darkspawn corpse
Ico amulet Illumination, source: Mystic Chest
Ico longsword The Winter Blade, from Statue of War
Rcp ico herbalism 4 Greater Spirit Balm Recipe, from Statue of Peace
Rcp ico herbalism 4 Potent Stamina Draught Recipe, from Statue of Peace
Rcp ico herbalism 4 Master Stamina Draught Recipe, from Statue of Peace
Rcp ico herbalism 4 Superb Health Poultice Recipe, from Ines Arancia
Rcp ico herbalism 4 Superb Lyrium Potion Recipe, from Ines Arancia
Plt ico ironbark wood Ancient Sylvanwood x5, source: ancient sylvans
Tre ico book 3 Battered Journal, source: scholar
Tre ico silk carpet Fine Silks x9, source: barrels, bundles of cloth, and crates
Icon heartwood Heartwood, source: The Old One
Tre ico runestone 2 Strange Stone, source: scholar

Notable gifts for companions:

Plt ico sextant Bronze Sextant, source: corpse
Tre ico fancy scroll Elven Prayer for the Dead, in abandoned Dalish camp
Plt ico seal of faith Elven Trinket, source: Hurlock emissary


Madcap Bulb Madcap Bulb x3
Rashvine Nettle Rashvine Nettle x5
Blood Lotus Blood Lotus x5
Rgt ico deathroot Deathroot x3
Rgt ico elfroot Elfroot x2

Codex entries Edit

Special objects Edit

  • Wending Wood stone puzzle
  • Maferath Statues
  • Corpse Pile
  • Abandoned Dalish Camp
  • Granite Deposit
  • Brothers of Stone statues
  • Magister's Remains
  • Ruined Caravan
  • Bandit Camp
  • Makeshift Lean-To
  • Darkspawn Camp
  • Cocoon
  • x2 Tripwires (Difficulty 40 XP)
  • x1 Leghold Trap (Difficulty 40 XP)

References Edit

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