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The Wending Wood is an area of forested slopes and lush greenery, divided by the trade route known as the Pilgrim's Path—named for the faithful devotees of Andraste who walk that very road to reach the City of Amaranthine, and who have left ancient relics scattered about the wood to honor Andraste and the Maker.


The wood was once a home to an Avvar tribe of the Alamarri, and the location of one of the battles between the magisters and the barbarians in the ancient times. The wood was a sacred place of an Avvar god known as Uvolla. For centuries, the wood had been known as a place of breathtaking beauty and tranquility.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

In Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, the Warden-Commander travels to the Wending Wood to investigate mysterious goings-on in the area. Multiple caravans of merchants have been attacked recently, and roaming bands of darkspawn have been spotted as well. A clan of Dalish elves has also settled in the area, their proximity to nearby human villages making the locals uneasy.[1] The Warden-Commander finds that the darkspawn are responsible for the attack (and near total destruction) of the Dalish clan. One surviving elven mage had mistakenly believed that humans were responsible for the murders, and dealt out revenge to any humans who wandered into the area. With her help, the Warden-Commander ventures into the Silverite Mine in order to eradicate the darkspawn.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If the main quest Champions of the Just was completed:
There are rumors of blood mages lurking about the Wending Wood. Cullen has received several complaints from various merchants traveling the Pilgrim's Path, a frequently ventured trade route situated between Denerim and the City of Amaranthine. Amaranthine's arl asks a favor from Josephine to have the Inquisition's templars investigate.[2]

Leliana's agents and the templars Cullen assigned to the region uncover several murdered mages just off the main road. Reports confirm that all the victims appear to have been stabbed and then purposefully dragged from where they were originally killed. The investigators deduce that someone intended for them to be discovered—either the work of blood mages or local merchants who decided to deal with the "rumors" themselves.

If the victims were blood mages, there were no obvious signs—no cuts on the palms or the like—but it's difficult to say. It's also possible Maleficarum are responsible, using their fellows to power some ritual. Or possibly just some former Circle mages, killed by ordinary men over hearsay.

However, a dangerous cell of rebel mages have been tracked to a remote location in the region. They have extremist leanings and the group fears the Inquisition's association with the templars will permanently crush what remains of their rebellion as the mages have been actively working to stir up anti-templar and anti-Inquisition sentiment.[3]

We unraveled that the Wending Wood mages are directly responsible for the death of seven mages and a noblewoman's daughter. We offered amnesty to those willing to surrender; however, only a few of the mages accepted—one was nearly killed by her fellows as she joined us against them. Those who surrendered were young, clearly in over their heads, and grateful for a way out. The remaining mages have returned with us to Skyhold and will be monitored closely. After Therinfal, it's good to know we still serve those who need us. The Wending Wood should be safe again for travelers.

—Knight-Captain Briony[4]


Dragon Age: Awakening[]

Map of the area

The Righteous Path The Righteous Path
Brothers of Stone Brothers of Stone
From the Living Wood From the Living Wood
Heart of the Forest Heart of the Forest
Ines the Botanist Ines the Botanist
Maferath's Monuments Maferath's Monuments
The Merchant's Goods The Merchant's Goods
Trading Troubles Trading Troubles
What is Built Endures What is Built Endures

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

Rumors of Maleficarum Rumors of Maleficarum (war table)
False Accusations False Accusations (war table)
Confront Mages in the Wending Wood Confront Mages in the Wending Wood (war table)


Ines Arancia
Olaf (militia survivor)
Scared bandit scavenger
Statue of Peace
Statue of Warr

Hostile creatures[]




Notable items[]

Ash Ash, source: darkspawn corpse
Illumination Illumination, source: Mystic Chest
Heart of the Forest Heart of the Forest, source: from Velanna
The Winter Blade The Winter Blade, from Statue of War
Greater Spirit Balm Recipe Greater Spirit Balm Recipe, from Statue of Peace
Potent Stamina Draught Recipe Potent Stamina Draught Recipe, from Statue of Peace
Master Stamina Draught Recipe Master Stamina Draught Recipe, from Statue of Peace
Superb Health Poultice Recipe Superb Health Poultice Recipe, from Ines Arancia
Superb Lyrium Potion Recipe Superb Lyrium Potion Recipe, from Ines Arancia
Ancient Sylvanwood Ancient Sylvanwood x5, source: ancient sylvans
Battered Journal Battered Journal, source: scholar
Fine Silks Fine Silks x9, source: barrels, bundles of cloth & crates
Heartwood Heartwood, source: The Old One
Strange Stone Strange Stone, source: scholar
Northern Prickleweed Seeds Northern Prickleweed Seeds, source: plant node

Notable gifts for companions:

Bronze Sextant Bronze Sextant, source: corpse
Elven Prayer for the Dead Elven Prayer for the Dead, in abandoned Dalish camp
Elven Trinket Elven Trinket, source: Hurlock emissary


Madcap Bulb Madcap Bulb x3
Rashvine Nettle Rashvine Nettle x5
Blood Lotus Blood Lotus x5
Deathroot Deathroot x3
Elfroot Elfroot x2

Special objects[]

  • Wending Wood stone puzzle
  • Maferath Statues
  • Corpse Pile
  • Abandoned Dalish Camp
  • Granite Deposit
  • Brothers of Stone statues
  • Magister's Remains
  • Ruined Caravan
  • Bandit Camp
  • Makeshift Lean-To
  • Darkspawn Camp
  • Cocoon
  • Tripwires (2) (difficulty 40 XP)
  • Leghold Trap (1) (difficulty 40 XP)

Codex entries[]

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