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Weisshaupt is a 'pocket realm' within the Fade created by the Sloth demon. It is intended to resemble the Warden's idea of Weisshaupt Fortress would look like.


Weisshaupt is the first part of the Fade seen by the Warden during the Broken Circle sub-quest The Fade: Lost in Dreams (and thus the first "conscious" experience of the Fade for any Warden not of Mage Origin).

A potent sloth demon uses its powers to entrap the Warden (and, if present at the moment of entrapment, companions) within the Fade. The demon constructs discrete, idyllic dreams to ensure that the party will remain at its mercy, either content or complacent. The Warden's dream begins at the Grey Warden headquarters of Weisshaupt Fortress. The Warden steps forward to meet 'Duncan' and two other 'Grey Wardens.' This Duncan insinuates that he survived the Battle of Ostagar, and claims that the Warden helped him slay the archdemon as they defeated the darkspawn forever ago. Grey Wardens no longer need to fight; they now live happily together at the fortress, where they tell tales and sing songs of their triumph. 'Duncan' insists that the Warden take a rest; they may comply, but there is nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. Questioning 'Duncan's' authenticity or honesty, or any noncompliance on the Warden's part, will result in these disguised demons attacking. Only by killing them can the Warden gain access to this area's Fade Pedestal.



Map of the area

  • Duncan
  • Warden archer
  • Warden mage


Lost in Dreams Lost in Dreams


Masquerading Demons

Special objects[]

  • Fade Pedestal - interacting with the pedestal transports the Warden to the travel map.
  • Lyrium vein - interacting with it restores mana/stamina and health; the vein will recharge after a few minutes.
  • Essences and fonts (1 of 21 total throughout the entirety of this section of the Fade):

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Lyrium Codex entry: Lyrium