Weisshaupt Fortress is the headquarters of the Grey Wardens. It is located on the edge of a desert jagged butte called Broken Tooth in the southern Anderfels.[1][2]

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Weisshaupt (The Fade)

A representation of Weisshaupt in the Fade

It was here that the order was founded and the fortress built in -305 Ancient (890 TE) during the First Blight. The region was chosen as a base as it was not as hard hit by the darkspawn as other locations, but still strategically close to Tevinter.[3] Weisshaupt Fortress was also besieged by the darkspawn during the Second Blight.[4]

Weisshaupt features a mausoleum built to honor the slayers of the Archdemons and houses the Grey Warden treasury. During the height of the Wardens' power, the stone compound accommodated thousands of Wardens and a thriving stable of griffons. Now it is a barren place with a garrison of only a few hundred, the griffons are long extinct, and the reigning First Warden is rarely present, said to be more interested in politicking and lining his pockets.[1]

The interior of the fortress is decorated with tapestries commemorating the Grey Wardens' battles and weapons taken from the darkspawn as trophies. Even a case of ogre horns is on display. Segments of the walls are carved with depictions of griffons, various coats of arms and ornamental plants. The fortress is also home to an extensive library. The Library is presently home to a glass sarcophagus decorated with the horns of Andoral that contains the armour and weapons of Garahel. Weisshaupt also contains a practice field for combat training and a small chapel.[5]


Weisshaupt is in the heart of the Anderfels

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Dragon Age: Last Flight Edit

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Dragon Age: Last Flight.

In 9:41 Dragon, Valya and several other Warden-Recruits are assigned to Weisshaupt and begin a research project into records from the Fourth Blight. While there Valya discovers the diary of Isseya, a Grey Warden from the Exalted Age which reveals that there is a clutch of live Griffons hidden at Red Bride's Grave. Valya, Caronel, Reimas and Sekah successfully rescue the griffons and resolve to return them to Weisshaupt where they will have the facilities to help the griffons re-establish themselves.[6]

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