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Weapons are an essential part of Dragon Age II combat system. Besides dealing damage directly, they affect damage and force of your talents and spells and may provide additional bonuses from enchanted properties. There is no unarmed combat. Whenever you unequip a weapon, it is replaced with a basic equivalent that deals minimal damage. These basic weapons do not scale with your level and are among the weakest in the game.

Most weapons found in loot are generic with their names, appearances and stats randomly generated from a limited list of templates. Other, unique weapons have fixed predefined properties, many of which cannot be found on generic equipment (e.g. rune slots). Unique weapons are usually looted from powerful enemies, found in heavily guarded treasure chests, or sold by merchants for exorbitant amounts of money. A number of top tier weapons come from promotions and DLC. These items become accessible in the beginning of Act 1 and can make game progression significantly easier.

Weapon types Edit

There are five base weapon types in Dragon Age II. Unlike weapons in Origins, differences between weapon materials and variations (e.g. red steel vs onyx, greatsword vs maul) are purely aesthetic.

Class Warrior Rogue Mage
Attribute Strength Dexterity Magic
Weapon type Warrior one-handed Warrior two-handed Rogue melee Rogue ranged Mage staves
Talent tree Weapon and Shield Two-Handed Dual Weapon Archery
Variations Axes
(per second)
1.2 + 1.34 * LVL
(2.3 + 2.52 * LVL)
1.4 + 1.54 * LVL
(2.3 + 2.53 * LVL)
1.6 + 1.68 * LVL
(2.9 + 3.11 * LVL)
5.0 + 5.38 * LVL
(4.7 + 5.06 * LVL)
1.7 + 1.85 * LVL
(2.3 + 2.52 * LVL)
Attack speed 1.88 1.64 1.85 0.94 1.36
Power scale 0.8 1.0 0.6 1.0 1.0
  • Spears are used by Qunari and cannot be obtained through normal gameplay.
  • The only obtainable crossbow in the game is Bianca which is restricted to Varric.
  • LVL in damage formula is the weapon's level.
  • Power scale affects how strong weapon properties are.

Weapon icons are selected based on the total property power (usually equals the number of bonus properties):

Normal Magic Rare Epic DLC
Property power 0 1–2 3 4+ any
Axes icons
as an example
Axe red DA2 Axe silver DA2 Axe gold DA2 Axe purple DA2 Axe green DA2

Changes from Origins Edit

Besides the reduction in variety of weapons noted above, other changes were made as part of the redesign of combat system:

  • Weapons require talent trees and as such are restricted to the corresponding class.
  • Armor penetration stat was removed (Although there are Weapons that ignore Armor for example the Vigilance, although it's not obtainable on normal ways).
  • Some weapon hits become glancing blows that deal reduced damage.
  • Weapon attacks are much faster.
  • There are ranged weapons with rune slots.
  • Staves no longer autohit but can inflict critical hits just like other weapons.

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