Weapon Shop is a store located in The Gallows in Dragon Age II.

Act 1

Name Price
? x1
0DAO bronzepiece trans

Act 2

Name Price
The Subtle Brute
Maul silver DA2 The Subtle Brute x1
5DAO goldpiece trans 1DAO silverpiece trans 60DAO bronzepiece trans
Markham Heart Stopper
Longsword gold DA2 Markham Heart Stopper x1
7DAO goldpiece trans 91DAO silverpiece trans 62DAO bronzepiece trans
Seven Deaths
Dagger gold DA2 Seven Deaths x1
6DAO goldpiece trans 17DAO silverpiece trans 17DAO bronzepiece trans
Rune of Impact
Rune of Impact Rune of Impact x1
31DAO silverpiece trans 27DAO bronzepiece trans
Note: Sells variety of weapons and shields, plus one rune.

Act 3

Name Price
Widow's Fury
Battleaxe gold DA2 Widow's Fury x1
13DAO goldpiece trans 31DAO silverpiece trans 40DAO bronzepiece trans
City Guard Sword
Longsword gold DA2 City Guard Sword x1
8DAO goldpiece trans 62DAO silverpiece trans 67DAO bronzepiece trans
Spider's Heart
Dagger gold DA2 Spider's Heart x1
8DAO goldpiece trans 64DAO silverpiece trans 3DAO bronzepiece trans
Rune of Striking
Rune of Striking Rune of Striking x1
1DAO goldpiece trans 26DAO silverpiece trans 80DAO bronzepiece trans
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