Weapon Merchant is a dwarf of the Merchant caste.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

This merchant was one of those who auctioned permits to sell their wares in the Diamond Quarter as part of the festivities for the nomination of King Endrin Aeducan's middle child as the new commander.

If the Dwarf Noble interacts with him, the merchant says how honored he is that they visit his booth and then mentions that he had a proposition but he didn't dare to approach. Gorim Saelac replies aggressively back to the merchant and the Dwarf Noble can now hear him out or leave. If they hear him out, he will be too stressed to speak but eventually he will mention that he has a dagger made for the Dwarf Noble as a gift for their first command. He has sent a messenger to deliver this dagger to the Royal Palace but Prince Trian Aeducan had him thrown out. The Weapon Merchant does not know what offense the messenger caused, but he had him beaten severely. The Dwarf Noble can then:

  • Agree to see the dagger.
  • Leave the Weapon Merchant's booth.
  • Agree to see the dagger only if he has the messenger killed.

If the Dwarf Noble agrees to the see the dagger, he mentions that the blade has been crafted over a period of two years by masters of every art to which Gorim agrees that this is an amazing piece.

With that dagger the Weapon Merchant wishes to bless the Dwarf Noble's new command and hope that when they rule to wear it. Gorim instantly replies that Trian is the heir to the throne and the Weapon Merchant corrects him saying that this will happen only if the Assembly wills it, while whispers say that the Dwarf Noble will be chosen instead.

Gorim agrees about these rumors and mentions that this is a princely gift. However, he warns the Dwarf Noble that taking this dagger may make Trian think that his younger sibling is also interested in the throne, if he recognizes the dagger's value. The Dwarf Noble can then:

  • Take the dagger without caring what Trian might think.
  • Refuse to take the dagger.
  • Tell Gorim the Weapon Merchant offends the heir and their house and order him to have the merchant killed.
If the Dwarf Noble picks the first option, Gorim mentions that this will bring a lot of gold to him by wearing that dagger in public. If the last choice is chosen, Gorim will kill the defenceless merchant in a cutscene. The dagger can still be looted from his corpse.

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