See Also Rogue Talents, Talents, Rogue.


While this mode is active, the rogue seeks out enemies' weak points, striking each target in a manner that increases all damage the foe suffers for a short time, no matter the source of the damage.


  • Upkeep is in Stamina.
  • Good synergy with aoe attack talents like Flicker, whirlwind, dual weapon sweep, scattershot, low blow, burst shot and rain of arrows.
  • Enemies hit with this sustainable active will become more vulnerable to all damage except damage dealt by spells - after being hit. This is about a 10% increase in dmg for the attacker. The initial hit will deal regular damage.
  • Currently (Unconfirmed), Weak Points has been reported to be bugged. Some players are reporting that Weak Points will actually cause each subsequent hit, after the initial hit(which will be normal damage), to drop by 10% per hit (ie. 300--->270--->245 etc) instead of working as intended. Currently there is no fix and more information is needed.
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