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== Items Required ==
== Items Required ==
3x [[Broken Philters]]
3x [[Broken Philter|Broken Philters]]
20x [[Embriem]]
20x [[Embrium]]
A Book on Templar Methods
A Book on Templar Methods

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Way of the Templar is a Spicialization side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Gained from Ser if a Warrior completed Specializations for the Inquisitor.

Items Required

3x Broken Philters

20x Embrium

A Book on Templar Methods

Acquiring Items

Broken Philters can be obtained by killing 3 Pride Demons in the Hinterlands. They are accompanied by a quite a few other enemies which can include terror and despair demons. They each drop a Broken Philter. One can be found wandering the area of the , another at and the last at The .

Embriem can be gathered at Hinterlands and The Exalted Plains. They can be found growing on flat areas of land and have green stalks with red flowers.

A Book on Templar Methods can be found beside Cassandra's Bed at the Skyhold Armory. If the Cassandra was forced to leave, the book can be purchased from the Val Royeaux Book Merchant.

Finally, return to Ser on the battlements at Skyhold. The Templar specialization will be unlocked.


Completing the Way Of the Templar will unlock the War Table Operation [[]].

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