Watcher in the Wings is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Available after completing Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts. Also requires the Chantry Garden Upgrade.

Note: There may be more, unknown prerequisites for obtaining this mission. There is also a possibility that the operation is bugged, as access to it is mixed and does not appear to be limited to the two requirements listed.

Operation text

My Lord/Lady Inquisitor,

As you know, the remaining clerics have sequestered themselves with the Grand Cathedral in hopes of electing our new Divine. One would hope this could be done peacefully, but my sisters inform me that there have already been two mysterious deaths - the product of an assassin loose within the Grand Cathedral's halls. The Chantry has failed to find this killer, so I turn to you for aid: please help my sisters complete their thankless task in peace. The Inquisition is the only force in Orlais with the power to deal with this, and both myself and my sisters would be grateful.

Yours in faith,
Revered Mother Giselle

Advisor suggestions

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - N/A

Not participating in this mission.

Leliana - 5:12:00

I suggest sending my agents to the Grand Cathedral to root out this assassin before more damage is done.

Cullen - 6:48:00

Bolstering the Grand Cathedral with our forces - enough to hunt down this madman - should be enough.


Leliana / Cullen

The Inquisition caught the assassin within the Grand Cathedral. After questioning him, it seems three different grand clerics hired him ... each unaware others had done the same. This knowledge is in the hands of the Chantry, a scandal to end the ambitions of many eyeing the Sunburst Throne. The clerics have expressed their appreciation to the Inquisition - which also recovered some interesting items from the assassin.


Leliana / Cullen

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