Warrior caste

The Warrior caste is the caste of dwarven society predominantly concerned with defending Orzammar's borders and serving various martial functions.

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According to legend, the Warrior caste was founded by Kiotshett, the eldest of seven brothers, who trained his sons to defend the king.[1] From his children descend the Warrior caste.

The Warrior caste is one of the most important in the complex dwarven caste system, as they serve many functions and are therefore in great demand. It is also one of the most populous castes. The Warrior caste contains specialized sub-castes: Officer, Soldier, and Guardsman. These sub-castes are the result of certain houses typically producing officers, soldiers, bodyguards, law-enforcers, etc.[2] In modern day, however, much of the importance of these sub-castes has been put aside in favor of the overall defense of Orzammar.

The lot of a Warrior caste dwarf is bleak, as they pay the price for Orzammar's security in blood and lost lives. Warriors lead disciplined lives of drill and practice and marry early, in light of their typically short life-span.[2] They are also notably stoic in public so as not to bring dishonor upon themselves or the houses they serve. Nevertheless, they feel great pride and honor in their duties, and there are many benefits to being a warrior in Orzammar. Each Warrior caste house is sworn to a noble house--even the smallest noble house retains a few warriors and the largest retain over a dozen.[3] The more important the noble house, the more highly regarded is the warrior attached to it. Many noble houses have been founded by successful and powerful Warrior caste dwarves.

Dwarven army

The dwarven army

Those warriors that serve the royal house are considered to be the most elite and are given access to the very best arms and armor, the finest brothels, etc.[3] When a royal house falls on a king or queen's death, the warrior houses attached to the royal family fall with it and their status is transferred to the warrior houses serving the new monarch. In spite of that, a great warrior never truly loses respect even if his or her noble house falls.

Paragon Aeducan is considered to be the most famous warrior.[4] Even though he never sought status or recognition he rose into prominence in the beginning of the First Blight by rallying the dwarven empire's defences against the darkspawn horde and saving his race from annihilation.[5]

Warrior houses are frequently assigned by the Assembly to plan and lead campaigns into the Deep Roads.[3] Those houses assigned to the task appoint officers from those Warrior houses sworn to them.

Women have a special role in the Warrior caste, expected not only to fight as warriors but to produce children to bolster the numbers of the Warrior houses. Many women become battlefield medics and some undertake an even more extreme devotion to their duties by becoming Silent Sisters in honor of Astyth the Grey, the first female Paragon of the Warrior caste.[3][6][7]

Warrior caste members are also the usual combatants of the Provings in which they test their mettle in battle as well as show their skills to the rest of the dwarven society.

Knighthood Edit

The finest of the high-ranked warriors may become knights. Their form of address is "Ser", however this does not make them part of the noble caste.[8] The known dwarves who carry this title are the following:

Berserkers Edit

A unique battle specialization amongst Warrior caste dwarves is that of the Berserker, a technique that allows warriors to fight vigorously and cause a great deal of damage by harnessing their rage in combat. This specialization has been taught to other races, most notably the Ash Warriors, who have adapted it to allow them to fight in tandem with their Mabari war hounds.

Known Warrior houses Edit

Warrior houses are listed in an alphabetical order and those whose status is unknown have their name italicized.

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For a complete list of Warrior caste members, see Category:Warrior caste.

Notes Edit

  • House Branka may become extinct if the Warden kills Branka, the last legitimate member, during the A Paragon of Her Kind quest.
  • House Brosca is founded if the Warden is of Dwarf Commoner Origin. The Warden in the end of the Fifth Blight is elevated into Warrior caste and after months of deliberation of the Assembly is named Paragon (even posthumously), further elevating House Brosca to nobility.

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