For a full list of available warrior-related schematics, see Schematics.

Warrior Schematics is an Inquisition perk in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Grants the Inquisitor five schematics - a heavy armor, a mace, a greatsword, a shield and a two-handed pommel:

Inquisition-Heavy-Armor-Schematic-icon2 Superior Vanguard Armor Schematic (Tier 2 Heavy Armor Schematic)
Mace-Schematic-Icon1 Masterwork Dwarven Mace Schematic (Tier 2 Mace Schematic)
Greatsword-Schematic-icon1 Masterwork Engraved Greatsword Schematic (Tier 2 Greatsword Schematic)
Shield-Schematic-icon2 Masterwork Guard Shield Schematic (Tier 2 Shield Schematic)
DAI masterwork two-handed pommel schematic icon Masterwork Reinforced Pommel Schematic (Tier 2 Two-Handed Pommel Schematic).

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