Warrior Item Pack II is downloadable content pack for Dragon Age II, included in All-Class Item Pack II or available for purchase separately.

The following items are included in the pack:

Maul green DA2 The Dogs of War
Axe green DA2 The Mountain-Father's Haft
Shield green DA2 Willem's Bulwark
Heavy armor green DA2 The Ashen Cuirass
Heavy armor green DA2 Hauberk of Gelgenig the Faithful
Heavy helmet green DA2 Helm of the Reborn
Heavy helmet green DA2 The Visionary's Visor
Heavy gloves green DA2 Coldsteel Gauntlets
Heavy gloves green DA2 Gauntlets of Faith
Heavy boots green DA2 Coldsteel Greaves
Heavy boots green DA2 Boots of Faith
Ring green DA2 Band of Emancipation
Belt green DA2 Chevalier's Banded Pride
Amulet green DA2 Copper-Bladed Star

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