The Wardrobe, introduced with Patch 10, allows the player to customize their Inquisitor's default clothing as well as Halamshiral finery. It is located in the Inquisitor's private quarters in Skyhold.

(Note: Patch 10 was only released for XBox One, PS4 and PC; the Wardrobe is not available in the XBox 360 and PS3 versions of the game).


Casual Wear Edit

  • Austerity - Simple. Eternal. Beige.
  • Purity - Be above reproach in both manner and dress with this classic style in patterned white.
  • Vivacity - Garb yourself in the rich blues of the masked empire, while keeping your ensemble simple and sleek.

Formal Wear Edit

  • The Winter Palace - A classic, formal cut. Crimson accented with royal blue. Fit to meet royalty.
  • The Coastal Fortress - A formal, azure sensation, determined to declare war upon -- and victory over -- presuppositions.
  • The Calenhad Sunset - Like a brilliant sunset descending into a cerulean lake, the never-ending dance of fire and water is elegantly captured.
  • The Midnight Tower - For Discerning tastes in formal accoutrements. Dark tones and silvery accents evoke the wonder—and gravity—of night skies.

Outerwear Edit

  • Venture Forth - For the Inquisitor who wishes to project a can-do, hands-on image: a simple, rugged number in rich browns.
  • Venture Capital - White accents and a startling red undershirt defy expectations while maintaining a ready, durable style.
  • Night's Watch - Sombre tones and a heavier coat. Perfect for cold Skyhold nights and weighty discussions.
  • Day's Vigil - Heavy leathers in lighter tones project quiet confidence as they enthral the eye.

Armor Edit

  • Immortal - Be observed: standing at the portals to the Fade, glittering and silver.
  • Eternal - Golden scale accented with green. Protected, secured, but never discreet.


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