The statistics and the description of this shield are the same as Duncan's Shield. Only the appearance is different.

It is a very rare drop on Sophia Dryden's body, in addition to the Warden Commander Armor Set.

Console code is "gwb_im_arm_shd_twr_wdn1.uti"


Note: I have a character who has no Coercion, level 22 Elf Mage. So i know this can be done. Get Avernus(Gray Warden Blood Mage) to follow you down stairs to kill Sophia. Once you get there.. Side with Sophia. Together you'll kill the Avernus. After that, you'll head out and deal with the veil. Right after you kill the Desire Demon. SAVE your game, Before talking to Sophia again. This will allow you to load again and again until you get the shield. Took me about 20 tries. Basicly, all you have to do is kill Sophia, then get Levi's talking out of the way and you can check for shield.

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